Flatman Wins Junior Thriller

by | Sep 30, 2017 | Latest News

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Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Drew Flatman won a thrilling Junior Sedan Feature Race at the Murray Machining and Sheds Speedway, Murray Bridge, on Saturday night.

The race had three leaders in the twelve lap main event, which started with Sharni Pitcher and Flatman starting on the front row.

Despite getting the best of the start, Flatman led for just the first three laps before Pitcher took the lead. Pitcher retired soon after, as Zoe Young took control after starting from position four.

Tyson Greig also got involved in the battle for the lead, moving to second at the half way mark.

The trio put on a great battle for the lead, with Flatman deposing Greig on the second last lap to move back to second.

In a desperate final lap, Flatman and Greig both passed Young, with just 0.540 separating the three drivers as they crossed the line. Tamika Pitcher closed quickly to finish fourth.

It was a clean sweep for Flatman who won both of his heat races as well, and an early birthday present as he turns fourteen on Monday.

A Main, 12 Laps: 1. S112 Drew Flatman, 2. S10 Tyson Greig, 3. N57 Zoe Young, 4. S96 Tamika Pitcher, 5. S5 Mitchel Greig, 6. S58 Nate Trewin, 7. S7 Jemma Chapman, 8. S23 Kirra Lee Pitcher, 9. S2 Ky McEwin, 10. S11 Ryan Buchanan, 11. S24 Chelsea Gwynne (11 laps). DNF: 12. S55 Sharni Pitcher (5). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 0.444, Fastest Lap: 18.349 S112 Drew Flatman

Drew Flatman set for the Feature event at Murray Bridge on Saturday night. Photo courtesy of Linda Savage.