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Press Release by the Super Sedan Association

Matt Pascoe aboard the Moon Earthworks Sweet 47 has won round thirteen of the McCosker Super Sedan Series in Rockhampton this past Saturday (20th March 2021). Drivers entertained a large crowd at the showground venue which was supported by Rockhampton Mazda. Pascoe led from the drop of the green to defeat Steve Jordan (Dominator 7) and Justin Smithwick (Sweet 63).

Preliminary heat races went to Sean Black (Sweet 26), Nicholas O’Keeffe (Sweet 20), Justin Smithwick (Sweet 63), Mick Nicola (KO V3), David Musch (Sweet 12) and Sam Roza (Sweet 77).

After the six qualifying heats the top ten in points were Matt Pascoe 104, Justin Smithwick 96, Mick Nicola 94, Steve Jordan 92, Sam Roza 90, Sean Black 88, Nicholas O’Keeffe 84, Bob McCosker 84, Gavin Northfield 84 and Josh McLaren 80.

The thirty lap feature was run at a fast pace on an unusually grippy surface for the McCosker Rocky venue. Matt Pascoe got the best start with Smithwick dropping into second and Steve Jordan into third on the first lap. On lap 15 Steve Jordan moved past Justin Smithwick to take over second place, and Sean Black had moved into the top five a couple of laps earlier. Mat Pascoe was untroubled throughout the feature race which saw only one caution for Justin Randall in the Brendon Kelly owned OTR 84 for a flat tyre. The top five at the completion were Matt Pascoe, Steve Jordan, Justin Smithwick, Mick Nicola and Sean Black.

Mat Pascoe has had well documented engine dramas this year and had been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to drive a few fellow competitors cars. Pascoe has been in the Darryl Moon owned 47 since the 26th of December and had a fair amount of success. He said on Sunday “he was grateful for the opportunity given to him by the Moon family and is happy to hand it back with a win. He said we went back to basics on the set up and really only changed stagger all night. The car was the best it’s been.” Mat will be back in the Barnes Drilling Q1 at Brisbane on the 10th of April.

Second place Steve Jordan in the Terry White Racing Dominator 7 thanked his crew Dale and son Shannon for their efforts and commitment. Steve’s quote this week; “Remember, there’s always room at the top”.  Jordan is sponsored by Nissan 4 x 4 Parts, Sweet Chassis, Pro 1 Race Parts and Down Under Graphics.

Rockhampton’s own Justin Smithwick was very happy to qualify up the front and record his first podium of the year. Smithwick’s Chevy Impala Sweet 63 is sponsored by Barnes Drilling, Pat Smithwick Excavations, CQ Cabinetmakers and Love Auto Electrics.

Race Results:

Heat One: Sean Black Q26, Mick Nicola V3, Mat Pascoe N47,Gavin Northfield Q15, Darren Saunders R29, Josh McLarenBB96, David Musch SB12 Time 2:11.569. Margin 5.095. Fastest Lap Sean Black 15.700.

Heat Two: Nicholas O’Keeffe C20, Steve Jordan Q7, Sam Roza C77, Bob McCosker GL39 Justin Smithwick R63, Justin Randall SB84, Brendan Doyle R31, Leigh Williams BW4. Time 2:10.162. Margin 2.939. Fastest Lap Nicholas O’Keeffe 15.594.

Heat Three:  Justin Smithwick R63, Gavin Northfield B15, Bob McCosker GL39, Darren Saunders R29, Justin Randall SB84, Steve Jordan Q7, Sam Roza C77.Time: 2:14.493. Margin 1.632. Fastest Lap Justin Smthiwck 16.052.

Heat Four: Mick Nicola V3, Mat Pascoe N47, Brendan Doyle R31, Josh McLaren BB96, Nicholas O’Keeffe C20, Sean Black Q26, Leigh Williams BW 4, David Musch SB12. Time 2:17.708. Margin 0.412. Fastest Lap Mat Pascoe 16.120.

Heat Five: David Musch SB12, Mat Pascoe N47, Josh McLaren BB96, Brendan Doyle R31, Bob McCosker GL39, Nicholas O’Keeffe C20, Mick Nicola V3, Leigh Williams BW4, Time 2:15.419 Margin 0.597. Fastest Lap David Musch 15.657.

Heat Six: Sam Roza C77, Steve Jordan Q7, Justin Smithwick R63, Sean Black Q26, Darren Saunders R29, Gavin Northfield Q15, Justin Randall SB84. Time 3:48.574. Margin 0.677. Fastest Lap Sam Roza 15.248.

Feature: Mat Pascoe N47, Steve Jordan Q7, Justin Smithwick R63, Mick Nicola V3, Sean Black Q26, Gavin Northfield B15, Nicholas O’Keeffe C20, Bob McCosker GL39, Josh McLaren BB96, David Musch SB12, Sam Roza C77 (27), Leigh Williams BW4 (21), Justin Randall (16), Darren Saunders (8). Time 14:17.740. Margin 0.655. Fastest Lap Mat Pascoe 15.513. 

McCosker Contracting Super Sedan Series is also proudly supported by:

Rockhampton Mazda

Queensland Speedway Spares

TMS Sportswear

Lockyer Bins

Ford Wreckers Redcliffe

Ian Boettcher Race Parts

Ken Mills Toyota

Hervey Bay Tilt Tray Hire

Kempy Race Pipes

Afco Shock Doctor

Barnes Drilling

Topline Australia