Fitting Win To Pascoe In GP53

by | May 19, 2019 | Latest News, QLD, SSA Super Sedans


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Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Matty Pascoe has won the GP53 Graham Pascoe Memorial for Super Sedans at the Ausdec Patios, Archerfield Speedway on Saturday night, a fitting result for the National Champion, to win the race in honour of his father.

Pascoe did not just win the race, he romped in, winning by half a lap in the 53 lap A Main.

After a series of eight qualifying heats, a Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Shootout, it would be Daryl Moon and Kyall Fisher who would start the prestigious race on the front row, with the opening fifteen laps, seeing a multitude of passing moves through the field.

Daryl Moon would lead early, but would surrender the lead to Justin Randall on lap six, but it would be Pascoe charging though the field which captured everyones eye. Pascoe who started on the fifth row, moved to second on lap ten, and by lap fifteen, Pascoe had the lead.

Justin Randall drove a great race, and chased Pascoe hard in the middle stages followed by Tasmanian Steve Latham and Moon.

Lathams run was thwarted mid race, dropping to tenth, with Sean Black taking advantage of the situation, passing Matt Williams and Moon in one lap to move to third.

In the meantime, Pascoe was moving well clear of the field, and lapped traffic, as was the case in the National Title was no issue.

Randall and Black had a good battle for the minor placings, with Black getting the better of the exchange late, but Pascoe was at the opposite end of the track, winning the race by half a lap.

Behind Black and Randall, Ash Bergmeier would finish fourth after dropping as low as ninth, while Daryl Moon and Matt Williams completed the top six.

It was Pascoes ninth win of the season, and win number forty in the last six seasons, and a great way to complete the Brims Concrete Series for 2018/2019.

:: Super Sedans
Heat 1, 8 Laps: 1. V16 Ash Bergmeier, 2. Q26 Sean Black, 3. N33 Mark Towers, 4. Q91 Ed Doherty, 5. Q77 Sam Roza, 6. Q31 Brendan Doyle, 7. Q48 Rodney Craft. DNF: Q36 David Kane (0). Time: 1.56.790, Winning Margin: 2.566, Fastest Lap: 14.429 V16 Ash Bergmeier

Heat 2, 8 Laps: 1. A1 Matty Pascoe, 2. Q44 Trent Wilson, 3. Q63 Justin Smithwick, 4. N21 Darren Anning, 5. Q4 Leigh Williams, 6. N19 Dion Bennett, 7. Q56 David OKeefe. Time: 1.54.680, Winning Margin: 2.886, Fastest Lap: 14.061 A1 Matty Pascoe

Heat 3, 8 Laps: 1. Q3 Matthew Williams, 2. Q6 Wayne Randall, 3. Q0 Justin Randall, 4. Q39 Bob McCosker, 5. N3 Tania Smith, 6. Q20 Nicholas OKeefe. Time: 1.58.321, Winning Margin: 1.039, Fastest Lap: 14.614 Q0 Justin Randall

Heat 4, 8 Laps: 1. T8 Steve Latham, 2. N47 Daryl Moon, 3. N1 Michael Nicola, 4. Q76 Ian Brims, 5. Q41 Kyall Fisher, 6. Q19 Tony Brinkmann, 7. N47 Tyson Moon. Time: 1.56.601, Winning Margin: 3.090, Fastest Lap: 14.367 T8 Steve Latham

Heat 5, 8 Laps: 1. A1 Matty Pascoe, 2. N1 Michael Nicola, 3. Q39 Bob McCosker, 4. Q44 Trent Wilson, 5. Q31 Brendan Doyle (0). Time: 1.58.546, Winning Margin: 3.492, Fastest Lap: 14.497 A1 Matty Pascoe

Heat 6, 8 Laps: 1. N47 Tyson Moon, 2. Q0 Justin Randall, 3. T8 Steve Latham, 4. Q76 Ian Brims, 5. V16 Ash Bergmeier, 6. N19 Dion Bennett (0), 7. N21 Darren Anning (0). Time: 2.05.947, Winning Margin: 0.298, Fastest Lap: 15.201 Q76 Ian Brims

Heat 7, 8 Laps: 1. N41 Kyall Fisher, 2. Q26 Sean Black, 3. Q20 Nicholas OKeefe, 4. N47 Daryl Moon, 5. Q63 Justin Smithwick, 6. N33 Mark Towers, 7. N3 Tania Smith (0). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 0.447, Fastest Lap: 15.024 Q26 Sean Black

Heat 8, 8 Laps: 1. Q3 Matt Williams, 2. Q56 David OKeefe, 3. Q91 Ed Doherty, 4. Q4 Leigh Williams, 5. Q48 Rodney Craft, 6. Q6 Wayne Randall (0). Time: 2.04.781, Winning Margin: 1.783, Fastest Lap: 14.732 Q3 Matt Williams

B Main, 8 Laps: 1. N33 Mark Towers, 2. Q4 Leigh Williams, 3. Q20 Nicholas OKeefe, 4.N19 Dion Bennett, 5. Q31 Brendan Doyle, 6. Q48 Rodney Craft (3 laps). Time: 2.04.224, Winning Margin: 0.693, Fastest Lap: 15.170 N33 Mark Towers

A Main, 53 Laps: 1. A1 Matty Pascoe, 2. Q26 Sean Black, 3. Q0 Justin Randall, 4. V16 Ash Bergmeier, 5. N47 Daryl Moon, 6. Q3 Matthew Williams, 7. T8 Steve Latham, 8. N1 Michael Nicola, 9. Q76 Ian Brims (52 laps), 10. N47 Tyson Moon (52), 11. Q63 Justin Smithwick (51), 12. Q4 Leigh Williams (51), 13. Q20 Nicholas OKeefe (51), 14. Q56 David OKeefe (51). DNF: 15. Q44 Trent Wilson (40), 16. N19 Dion Bennett (39), 17. N33 Mark Towers (28), 18. Q39 Bob McCosker (27), 19. Q91 Ed Doherty (25), 20. Q41 Kyall Fisher (23). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 7.412, Fastest Lap: 14.997 A1 Matty Pascoe