by | Feb 25, 2024 | SSA Street Stocks, VIC

Press Release Courtesy of Speedway Sedans Victoria.

South Australian driver aboard the Thorne-built Mitsubishi Magna, Nathan Thorne would win a gruelling 35 lap main event to emerge as the new Victorian Street Stock Champion at Premier Speedway Warrnambool.

Day two of the Ramsdale Wreckers Victorian Street Stock Title had its fair share of hard luck stories and feel-good ones to come from a final round of heat races totalling an incredible 32 heats for the weekend.

A twin B Main format where just 3 cars would transfer from each event to join a pre qualified top 16 in the 22 car main event following the Modified Sedan Title event would greet the eager fans at Sungold Stadium.

Anthony Beare would line up on the front row with West Aussie Hayden Norman who had both amounted 3 heat race wins a piece only separated by their respective second and third finishes in their other two heats.

Pole sitter Beare would elect to start from the outside row where he knew their car felt the best above a few of the character building ruts forming down low. The Beare 46 team would make light work of the first 16 laps with a stand out lead.

A caution on track would see Steven Gartner join Steven Watts and Nigel Apted infield and an unplanned lap to meet with officials would confirm Anthony Beare to be battling a power steering system letting go on their commodore. Beare would restart still with the lead, but would shortly succumb to the power steering issue and retire infield out of the lead while Hayden Norman would inherit the spot.

Norman would battle closely with the Northern Territory’s Jack Yates and Nick Taylor from Tasmania all while Nathan Thorne was quickly making big pathways through the field from his earlier B Main transfer and victory.

Mick Dann would bring on the amber lights at the lap 24 mark, parking the Daylesford #0 infield along with Mat Crawford, Ben Norman, Peter Kinnear, Nick Taylor and incredibly Hayden Norman all bowing out in separate incidents bringing the race into a big stir at 7 laps remaining.

Kane Lloyd and Morris Ahearn would both only last another lap from here with Ahearn in particular that had battled an intermittent issue with his Nyora #4 car.

Back under green light conditions and Nathan Thorne wasted no time to pull away further with the race lead ahead of Jack Yates and Jason Duell who battled door to door right through the closing stages.

Thorne would drive away to a clear victory at the end of the tolling 35 Lap feature race and in doing so earned himself the honours of the 2024 Ramsdale Wreckers Victorian Street Stock Title.

Yates and Duell battled right to the finish but it would be the Territorian Jack Yates just nudging out South Australian Jason Duell for the second place podium step.

The final two spots on the five car podium would be occupied by Tasmanian Corey Bauld who had exceeded his own expectations ten-fold and Defending Victorian Champion Dale Morrison who battled hard to work back up to the top five.

Dean Jenkins and Tyler Barton remarkably finished at sixth and seventh with Jason Degoldi, Shaun Henry and Jayden Edwards the final cars to round out the top ten finishers in the title race.

Thorne and the front wheel drive Mitsubishi will add another state title plate to the family built car and set sights already on the next state to come under fire.

Official Result

A Main, 35 Laps- 1. S52 Nathan Thorne, 2. NT15 Jack Yates, 3. S18 Jason Duell, 4. T77 Corey Bauld, 5. V1 Dale Morrison, 6. C4 Dean Jenkins, 7. AX94 Tyler Barton, 8. RDL27 Jason Degoldi (34), 9. B23 Shaun Henry (34), DNF S87 Jayden Edwards (31), NY4 Morris Ahearn (29), NT31 Kane Lloyd (29), W6 Hayden Norman (28), T16 Nick Taylor (28), V3 Peter Kinnear (28), W66 Ben Norman (28), T11 Mat Crawford (27), DDA0 Mick Dann (24), S46 Anthony Beare (22), S32 Steve Gartner (16), W5 Steven Watts (9), T80 Nigel Apted (6).