by | Mar 5, 2024 | SSA Street Stocks, VIC

Official Release Tuesday 5th March 2024.

Speedway Sedans Australia have today released the entry list for the 2024 SSA Inc National Street Stock Title presented by Cush Clothing Co to be conducted at the Western Speedway in Victoria this weekend.

One Hundred and Twenty-Two entries have been received for the 33rd running of the event which will take place at the Hamilton venue for the first time in its history.

The size of the entry list is the third biggest recorded with every state represented with the exception of New South Wales.

Seven Time and defending National Champion Anthony Beare from Mount Gambier in South Australia will be chasing an eighth National Title in familiar territory, with current state champions Jake Hoath (WA), Jake Koivumaki (NSW), Jason Duell (NT) and Nathan Thorne (SA & VIC) all entered.

Anthony Beare is also the current Tasmanian Champion after winning at Latrobe last month with the runner up from the 2023 National Street Stock Title Ben Norman making the journey over from Western Australia.

Former placegetters in the event Mick Dann, Steve Gartner, Jason Duell and Lenny Bates are all apart of the massive line up of entries.

It all begins this Friday 8th March 2024 with Scrutineering before Official Practice is conducted from 3.30pm to 5.30pm ahead of the welcome function.

Racing is scheduled for Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th March 2024.

Watch every lap live at Clay Per View.

Official Entry list for the 2024 SSA National Street Stock Title presented by Cush Clothing Co


V0 Mick Dann

VA0 David Donegan

S2 Anthony Buchanan

S3 Keith Moore

V3 Peter Kinnear

V4 Jack Jordan

VA4 Dean Jenkins

VB4 Morris Ahearn

NT5 Justin Brumfield

V5 Steven Watts

W6 Hayden Norman

Q7 Travis Hutchison

S7 Craig Buchanan

V7 Bradin Claridge

S9 Ben Tuttle

V9 Brodie Ardley

NT11 Jake Koivumaki

T11 Mathew Crawford

V11 Tristan Hunt

S12 Darren Flatman

V12 Mark Miles

VA12 Ellen Vagg

V13 Dale Morrison

V14 Jared Wilkinson

VA14 Joel McInnes

NT15 Jack Yates

T15 Daniel Cunningham

V15 Paul Domburg

VA15 Ricky Cornwall

T16 Nick Taylor

V16 Robin Rundell

V17 Jason Faux

S18 Jason Duell

T18 Dale Riley Jnr

V18 Scott Secombe

VA18 Ricky Throckmorton

T19 David O’Rourke

V22 Matthew Brooks

S23 Ben Whitehead

T23 Nathan Russell

V23 Mitch Viney

VA23 Shaun Henry

T24 Ben Riley

V24 Dylan Wilkinson

T25 Phill Russell

V25 Nick Chrystie

VA25 Nathan Hutchins

T26 Andy Russell

V26 Mick Hume

T27 Jaiden Russell

V27 Jason Degoldi

T28 Karlia Riley

V29 Ashley Fox

W29 Jake Hoath

NT31 Kane Lloyd

V31 Bhoe Paterson

S32 Steve Gartner

V32 Zac Barwise

Q33 Darren Ciesiolka

QA33 Josh Ciesiolka

V36 Ronald Davey

VA36 Bradley Hill

VB36 Stuey Robinson

T38 John Sylvester

V38 Josh Davey

VA38 Matthew Atkinson (TAS)

V41 Leigh Gooding

S42 Thomas Garner

S43 Jason Gantz

V42 Chris Hay

V43 Matt Martin

V44 Timothy Hutchinson

V45 Braiden Russell (TAS)

VA45 Darwyn Lee

S46 Anthony Beare (A1)

S48 Scott Merrett

V48 Brodie Ardley

V49 Shaun Jenkins

S52 Nathan Thorne

V55 Ryan Watts

VA55 AJ Lawrence

V57 Troy Hose

V61 Matt Nelson

VA61 Dale Blomeley

V62 Jayden Blomeley

W66 Ben Norman

S68 Kayla Knox

V69 Hayden Glare

S72 Kye Richardson

S73 Jordan Triffitt

W74 Lenny Bates

T77 Corey Bauld

V79 Wade Fell

T80 Nigel Apted

V82 Shane Roycroft

Q83 John Roycroft

V83 David Barrie

W83 Daniel Ameduri

T84 Brad McKendrick

V85 Rhys Meakins

VA85 Aaron Meakins

S87 Jayden Edwards

V87 Nathan Fawns

Q88 Nathan Barbeler

V88 Jensen Wilson

W88 Peter Dowie

V89 Stefan Clark

S91 Darren Brumfield

T92 Steven Russell

V92 Matt Lepoidevin

V94 Steven Hardie

Q95 James Russell

V95 Jack Littlehales

VA95 Tyler Barton

Q96 Ben Langton

V97 Caylem Fell

Q99 Peter Thompson

V99 Stephen Brook

S112 Drew Flatman

T121 Lucas Dickenson

T146 Brendon Green

T172 Aaron Burgess

S198 Bradley Sheridan