by | Dec 5, 2021 | SSA Street Stocks, WA

Image by Jake Meadley Imagery

Esperance locals Linton Dickerson & Josh Stewart have claimed victory in a dramatic 10th Annual Street Stock 20/20 Challenge on Saturday Night at the Esperance Speedway.

In a night of high drama Josh Stewart brought home the Esperance Combined Tyre & Mechanical Holden Commodore at the end of the second portion of main event after a long battle with Brenton Bridges and his older brother Kyran.

The Esperance Earthworks Ford Falcon’s of Brenton Bridges & Kyran Bridges looked certain to be on the podium before slowing with only a handful of laps remaining.

Kalgoorlie’s Dean Shore paired with eldest daughter Amber to be the runner ups with the Jamie Goodwin & Danny Stewart combination officially third.

Six time winner of the event Jack Barnewall who was sharing a freshly prepared Holden Commodore with younger brother Luke struggled throughout the evening with ongoing issues and failed to go the distance.

The Sean Barrett/Josh Macalpine Ford Falcon was heavily damaged in a multiple car incident in the back straight in the first portion of the race with the Hamish Macalpine/Mick Reynolds Holden Commodore out early in proceedings.

Linton Dickerson & Josh Stewart we’re popular first time winners of the event with planning already underway for the 11th Annual Street Stock 20/20 Challenge to be held in early December 2022.

Official Result

20/20 A Main- 1. 100 Linton Dickerson/Josh Stewart, 2. 4 Dean Shore/Amber Shore, 3. 616 Jamie Goodwin/Danny Stewart, 4. 28 Brenton Bridges/Jarred Bridges, 5. 99 Kyran Bridges/Blake Jackson, DNF 42 Aaron Crawford/Dylan Williams, 16 Jack Barnewall/Luke Barnewall,31 Tristan Stroet/Bronty Humphrys, 9 Sean Barrett/Josh Macalpine, 00 Hamish Macalpine/Mick Reynolds, 609 Gary Leeson/Eddie Tate.