by | Apr 17, 2022 | SSA Junior Sedans, VIC

Press Release by Speedway Sedans Victoria

Kayne Dellar is the new Victorian Champion for Junior Sedans at Alexandra Speedway. Kayne finished a thriller ahead of local boy Linken Paterson in second and the new National Champion Carter Metcalfe in third.

Following a historic weekend just gone for the Raslarr Engineering SSA National Junior Sedan Title, the crews and drivers worked hard during the week to turn around a short regrouping and get ready to head straight into another two days of action. This time for the SSA Victorian Junior Sedan Title.

Kayne Dellar ran a close second last weekend but he knew he needed to be better this time out if he was to get the job done on Metcalfe for the weekend.

Dellar did this in the best way possible by winning the opening 3 heats on night number one and cementing a front row start for the main event following 2 solid finishes in the day 2 heat races.

The new National Champion clawed hard to stay within reach of Dellar who had to this point shown he was the man to beat this weekend. Metcalfe would qualify for outside the front row of the main event.

Queenslander Aidan Rigby claimed a pair of heat race wins and this was enough to elect himself into the second row of the main event grid. Sharing this row with young Linken Paterson in front of an electric home crowd atmosphere.

A pair of West Aussie boys would occupy row number three with the West Australian Beau Oldfield and Donny Davis on his outside.

Dellar would command the lead early controlling the first 6 laps until the first caution. And from this point he just kept getting better, setting his quickest lap of the race on lap 22 of the 25 lap Main Event. Dellar would hang onto the lead battling cautions and a red light to earn himself the crown of Victorian Champion at the end of a two week block buster racing stint for the young West Aussie.

Linken Paterson would be overjoyed to bring the Raslarr Engineering V48 home in the second place spot with Carter Metcalfe still in touch with his form in third. Aidan Rigby and a fast finishing Will Shore would make up the top five.

From there it was Beau Oldfield in sixth with Donny Davis, Jayden Bryant, River Paterson and Kiara Mckercher closing out the solid top 10.

Breanna Simpson and Tamika Simpson would be the final two cars to finish the full 25 lap distance.

Nathan Miles, Logan Mair, Lachlan Robins, Brandan Austen, Lachlan Bull, River Spitzbath, Harry Cecil, Billy MacDonald and Harry Fowler all winding up their main event from the safety of the infield unable to drive to the line.

Official Result

A Main, 25 Laps- 1. W95 Kayne Dellar, 2. V48 Linken Paterson, 3. A1 Carter Metcalfe, 4. Q28 Aidan Rigby, 5. V15 Will Shore, 6. W84 Beau Oldfield, 7. V17 Dylan Barrow, 8. W3 Donny Davis, 9. V49 Jayden Bryant, 10. V47 River Paterson, 11. T33 Kiara McKercher, 12. V10 Breanna Simpson, 13. V23 Tamika Simpson, DNF V12 Nathan Miles (15), V61 Logan Mair (13), T85 Lachlan Robins (9), T65 Brandan Austen (9), VA51 Lachie Bull (9), NT43 River Spitzbath (8), V21 Harry Cecil (6), Q2 Billy Macdonald (6), Q23 Harry Fowle