by | Apr 4, 2021 | SSA Junior Sedans, WA

Kayne Dellar and Taj Vanzetti are both undefeated after the opening night of the SSA Junior Sedan WA Title at the Nickol Bay Speedway, Karratha.

The night went without major incident with Olivia Earle the only driver not to start a race, that being the very final heat of the night.

Matthew Thomson would win heat one by 6.118 seconds in a dominant start to the title, with a great battle for second between Deagan McNally, Jared Coutts, Izzac Delaporte and Brandon Buszan, but they were never going to catch Thomson.

Heat two would see Taj Vanzetti come from the back of the field to win while Amber Shore had a good battle with Bryce Fisher and Hope Batchelor for the minor placings.

Kayne Dellar continued the trend of drivers winning from the fourth row, when he was untroubled in winning heat three. Cade Munro, Tyler Scott and Bradley Chant would have a great battle for second, but would finish 4.701 seconds adrift of Dellar.

Beau Oldfield won from position six in heat four, but had to endure a great three way battle for the lead with Jhy Pack and Riley Dunne, before assuming control in the second half of the race.

The final heat of the first round, heat five, would provide the best finish to date, with Riley Hanson and Seth Hinsey providing a great duel throughout the eight laps, while Elysha Cooper kept within touch of the leaders to finish third, with Hanson winning narrowly.

Matthew Thomson would win heat six, to make it consecutive wins for the Bunbury based driver, with the race having its first incident with Olivia Earle hitting the fence in turn two. Upon the restart, Thomson drove a way to an easy win, while Amber Shore, Kai Leeson and Bradley Chant would provide the excitement, with a great battle for second place.

Taj Vanzetti would replicate his heat two performance by winning heat seven, taking the lead early and holding on to win narrowly, with Jayden Haddon and Jaxon Buszan pushing Vanzetti all the way.

Blake Palmer led from start to finish as the racing started to intensify, with Jhy Pack and Riley Hanson, joining Palmer in an excellent race for the lead. Palmer was under constant attack, but held off all challengers to win.

Beau Oldfield would win heat nine, with another good drive, and when Kayne Dellar won heat ten, it left four drivers undefeated after two rounds of heats.

Riley Hanson would win heat eleven from Jayden Haddon, with the remainder of the field bunched up fighting for third. It would be Hanson’s second win of the night.

Heat twelve would pit Beau Oldfield and Matthew Thomson against each other, with both going into the race undefeated. Brandon Buszan upstaged both of them though defeating Oldfield and Riley Dunne, with Thomson finishing fifth, however, Thomson started out of line and was deemed to have gained an advantage and was relegated two positions at the end of the race.

Heat thirteen saw Jhy Pack take the win, setting the quickest lap of the night in the process, with a time of 21.397, recording a comfortable win in the process.

The penultimate heat of the night saw Dellar hit the lead late in the race, after Zach Munro lead for the majority of it, while Blake Palmer finished third.

The final heat saw Taj Vanzetti join Dellar as the only other driver to be undefeated after fifteen qualifying heats, however, Vanzetti was hounded all the way by Bryce Fisher who drove a great race, but Vanzetti hung on to win.

Tomorrow night, Dellar will come up against Beau Oldfield and Matthew Thomson in the opening heat race of the night, while in the race that follows, Taj Vanzetti will start from position six.

Racing on night two commences at 6.30pm.

The official point score after night one of the 2020/2021 SSA Junior Sedan WA State Title 

1. W95 Kayne Dellar 108
2. W121 Taj Vanzetti 108
3. W84 Beau Oldfield 100
4. W87 Riley Hanson 95
5. W98 Jhy Pack 92
6. W15 Matthew Thomson 80
7. W66 Seth Hinsey 73
8. WA73 Jayden Haddon 69
9. W73 Blake Palmer 69
10. W80 Bryce Fisher 64
11. WA4 Amber Shore 64
12. W55 Riley Dunner 63
13. W77 Jared Coutts 59
14. W88 Izzak Delaporte 55
15. W29 Deagan McNally 55
16. W138 Zach Munro 55
17. W198 Brandon Buszan 54
18. W75 Tylah Steele 53
19. W52 Bradley Chant 53
20. W08 Tyler Scott 51
21. W23 Hope Batchelor 51
22. W13 Elysha Cooper 50
23. W133 Lexi Smith 46
24. W83 Kai Leeson 44
25. W17 Travis Strelley 44
26. W24 Cade Munro 43
27. W171 Jayden Blackburn 42
28. W99 Jaxon Buszan 41
29. W89 Hunter Downs 41
30. W31 Jesse James Samuels 40
31. W16 Aaron Doust 35
32. W117 Tyson Blackburn 32
33. W4 Emma Ahearn 29
34. W22 Jakob Doust 24
35. W21 Chevy Francis 24
36. WA66 Possum Lawrence 23
37. WA98 Braydon Magerl 22
38. WA16 Alicia Short 20
39. W12 Matthew Magerl 20
40. W26 Zakiya Costa 20
41. W27 Malik Gordon 18
42. W71 Olivia Earle 11