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Official Release-Friday 2nd December 2022

Speedway Sedans Australia is pleased to announce the finalised details of its live streaming service for the upcoming SSA National Titles beginning in early 2023.

Existing streaming partner Ash Media who have produced the award-winning Speedway Sedans Live since 2016, has recently merged with the Clay-Per-View organisation which has forced Speedway Sedans Australia to undertake a review of its streaming options for the five National Titles.

After extensive consultation with all stakeholders, Speedway Sedans Australia can confirm that Clay-Per-View will be the official streaming partner for the 2023 SSA Inc National Titles.

Speedway Sedans Live through Ash Media has produced some amazing content since 2016 through to the current day which was a live free coverage.

With great investment from Speedway Sedans Australia, it has achieved its objective which was to lift the profile of the national classes.

Ten of thousands of race fans have tuned in over the past six years which has proved to be an incredible promotional tool for the Speedway Sedans Australia classes.

The live and free coverage for Speedway Sedans Australia Live was part of a five-year strategy which went into a sixth year after no national titles were held in 2021 due to the COVID pandemic.

With increasing enquiries from host venues on how to maximise the revenue stream when hosting a SSA National Title and given the recent merger between Ash Media & Clay-Per-View, Speedway Sedans Australia believes this is the right time to transition to a paid streaming service for our National Titles moving forward.Increased investment in newer, high-quality equipment will coincide with the transition and race fans can expect the next advancements on the already high quality product that Speedway Sedans Australia Live has always been.

Clay-Per-View will continue to provide the fantastic social media coverage and promotion that Ash Media has always produced for Speedway Sedans Australia live.

Given the difficult period that our venues have had to navigate in recent years, the increased revenue from the paid streaming service for the 2023 SSA National Titles will contribute significantly to the viability of the events.

The 2023 SSA Inc National Titles begin in just over a month’s time when the Junior Sedan National Title is contested at the picturesque Borderline Speedway in Mount Gambier South Australia on January 5th ,6th & 7th 2023.

More information about Clay-Per-View can be found at or you can download the App from the App Store.

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