by | Dec 11, 2022 | SSA Modified Sedans, VIC

Press Release Courtesy of VMPA

Brody Chrystie caps off his stellar season starter with an almost unbeaten run winning his heat race, taking out the Australian Racing Products pole shuffle and eventually the 31 Lap Main Event as well.

As The VMPA Tritech Lubricants Series finally got to put runs on the board with the season opener at Alexandra Speedway which also play host to the Victorian Title late in the season.

It would be Wade McCarthy who’d take victory in heat 1A with a scorching sun setting down over the raceway. Dylan Barrow and Brad Wicks were second and third.

Daniel Simpson was the one they were all chasing in heat race 1B, he’d lead home Brody Chrystie and Jarod Waters.

As the sun finally started to receed and temperatures plummeted, Alexandra would rely on the modifieds to heat things up again.

Brody Chrystie would net a strong performance in heat 2A to win the race from Matt Nelson and Wade McCarthy.

Heat 2B would see one of the closest finishes to date, Darcy Wilson would lead 9 of 10 laps before a fast finishing Dylan Barrow would square up on the main straight and level up with Wilson.

Coming to the stripe it was Barrow who’d win by the smallest recordable margin. Setting the fields for the all important main event would be the A and B Dashes for all qualifiers from position 9 on.

We would see a number of cars not start these including Brock Atkins with motor worries, Damien Miller, and Jarod Waters all not taking part in the rest of their night.

In her triumphant return to the wheel, Brooke Fergsuon would go on to win the A Dash with Shane Roycroft in second and Lucas Conder third.

Dash B was won by Lachlan Fitzpatrick who was happy to get a result for his hard working team.

Tristan McGraw was second with Will Shore battling car woes in third. Cue the Australian Racing Products Pole Shuffle.

8 cars would enter set for 2 laps a piece in a 1v1 format. Darcy Wilson would be a big mover going from a potential 7th place start up to the second row.

Followed By Matt Nelson who would also charge forward. Wade McCarthy would knock Nelson off the perch and go on to face a victorious Barrow who would narrowly lode to Chrystie who would win his first Pole Shuffle at home.

Scott Angus was 8th, Brad Wicks 7th, Daniel Simpson 6th, Darcy Wilson 5th, Matt Nelson 4th, Wade McCarthy third, Dylan Barrow second and of course Brody Chrystie would win the pole starring position.

The Modified Sedans would roll out on a briskly cool Alexandra surface for an early incident riddled 31 Lap Main Event.

The extra lap being implemented all season for our dear friend Russell Bent who was memorialised with a minute silence at the beginning of the show.

After battling through caution after caution Dylan Barrow would throw the kitchen sink at race leader Chrystie but couldn’t come up trumps and used up a good deal of tyre in the process.

McCarthy would climb to second with Nelson trailing in third while Chrystie would sail home to a narrow but comfortable race win despite losing all brakes late in the race.

Darcy Wilson would rocket to fourth, Tristan McGraw fifth, from Daniel Simpson, Lachlan Fitzpatrick, Brad Wicks, Scott Angus and Marc Hanson the last finishing car in the Graham West owned 56 Torana.

In doing this, Brody would win his first feature win in a Modified Sedan at his home track and bank some strong points heading into the rest of the 2022/23 VMPA season.

Official Result

A Main, 30 Laps- 1. AX32 Brody Chrystie, 2. MDA6 Wade McCarthy, 3. AX61 Matt Nelson, 4. B5 Darcy Wilson, 5. CR38 Tristan McGraw, 6. HO33 Daniel Simpson, 7. BGO11 Lachlan Fitzpatrick, 8. BDO17 Brad Wicks, 9. NY72 Scott Angus, 10. BGO56 Marc Hanson (29), DNF B17 Dylan Barrow (19), B18 Bella Rizzoli (9), AX62 Kasey Garlick (9), WNG82 Shane Roycroft (3), B9 Lucas Conder (3), GV79 Benny Mannix (3).