by | Jul 11, 2021 | WA

Image by Richard Hathway Photography

Carnarvon’s Trent Lyall has claimed the biggest win of Speedway career at at the Shark Bay Speedway today as he claimed victory in the 34th Annual Far Western Championships in the SSA Street Stock class.

Lyall held off older brother Damon Lyall for the majority of the twenty laps as Jace Kempton finished a distant third aboard his Novus Glass Holden Commodore.

Three time Far Western Champion Jace Kempton unfortunately was sent rear of the field in the early laps after making contact with a slower car which brought about a stoppage in the race.

With a clear race track to work with Trent Lyall managed to build enough of gap between himself and his older brother to hold on and claim victory with Kempton, David Linthorne and David Townsend the only cars on the lead lap.

Official Result of the 34th Annual Far Western Championships for SSA Street Stocks.

A Main, 20 Laps- 1. W3 Trent Lyall, 2. W27 Damon Lyall, 3. W55 Jace Kempton, 4. W19 David Linthorne, 5. W50 David Townsend, 6. W20 Luke Cutmore (19), 7. W77 Daniel Sutton (19), 8. W31 Bryan Riddick (17). DNF: W17 Greg Hewitt (19), W10 Tristan Stroet (16), W91 Sean Bowen (12). DNS: W00 Hamish Macalpine, W11 Matt Rowland, W16 Leo Brooks, W53 Glen Graham, W71 Scott Hunter. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.734. Fastest Lap: 18.611 W3 Trent Lyall.