by | Aug 9, 2021 | NT, SSA Junior Sedans, SSA Street Stocks

Image by Nakita Pollock Photography

Northern Territory Street Stock Champion Justin Brumfield returned to the Katherine Speedway this past Saturday Night to claim victory in the SSA Street Stock fifteen lap main event.

Brumfield won the NT Title early last month at the Katherine venue and returned to claim victory aboard his McCorry Brown Earthmoving Holden Commodore from Colin Menzies and Kane Lloyd in the race meeting that doubled as the Katherine Title.

River Spitzbarth is a star of the future in Speedway Sedan racing with the young Darwin based pilot scoring the win in the SSA Junior Sedan main event.

The Katherine Speedway will be back in action on Saturday 4th September 2021.

Official Results

SSA Junior Sedan Feature Race, 15 Laps- 1. NT43 River Spitzbarth, 2. NT25 Deegan Sherwood, 3. NT66 Maddison Edge (14), 4. NT77 Jake Park (14), 5. NT24 Zachary Czoloszynski (10), DNF NT11 Jamie Jones (3), NT44 Roy Jansan (0)

SSA Street Stock Feature Race, 15 Laps- 1. NT5 Justin Brumfield, 2. NT7 Colin Menzies, 3. W31 Kane Lloyd, 4. NT44 Megan Henderson, DNF NT11 Jake Koivumaki (14), NT45 Adam McDonald (10), NT15 Jack Yates (0)