by | Jul 11, 2021 | NT, SSA Street Stocks

Images by Nakita Pollock Photography

Justin & Darren Brumfield created history last night in the 2021 SSA Street Stock Northern Territory Title at the Katherine Speedway by pulling off a remarkable quinella result.

Queensland Champion Matt Nelson finished third ahead of the 2018 NT champion Jason Duell from Mount Gambier in South Australia.

The top four were the only cars to finish on the lead lap at the end of the thirty lap A Main.

Thirty One SSA Street Stocks contested the event with the Northern Territory Title for having not being held at the venue since 2001.Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Northern Territory were all represented in the diverse field.

Justin Brumfield is now a two time Northern Territory Champion after winning at Tennant Creek back in 2016.

Official Result of the 2021 SSA Street Stock Northern Territory Title

A Main, 30 Laps- 1. NT5 Justin Brumfield, 2. S91 Darren Brumfield, 3. V61 Matt Nelson, 4. S18 Jason Duell, 5. Q9 Peter Thompson (29), 6. Q199 Gordon Midolo (29), 7. NT7 Colin Menzies (29), 8. NT25 Adam McDonald (29), 9. NT38 Shane Greening (29), 10. NT44 Megan Henderson (29), 11. NT14 Michael Jones (28), 12. Q94 Samantha Killick (24), DNF NT55 Scott Bradbury (22), V83 John Roycroft (22), NT25 Ben Blatchford (22), V51 Felicity Roycroft (14), NT31 Kane Lloyd (10), NT15 Jack Yates (3), V82 Shane Roycroft (2), NT37 Kenneth Carrolkl (0)