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Image by Greg Sketcher Photography

Darwin’s Justin Brumfield has successfully defended the SSA Street Stock Northern Territory Title last night at the Tennant Creek Speedway going through the event undefeated.

Brumfield lead all thirty five laps in the A Main defeating South Australian Champion Bailey Heinrich by just over a second with fellow Darwin resident Megan Henderson recording a fine third place after starting in position thirteen.

In a race of attrition just six cars would finish on the lead lap with ten cars greeting the chequered flag.

The Northern Territory Title for SSA Street Stocks was a great start to what promises to be a big season of racing in 2022 in the top end.

For Justin Brumfield it was his third victory in the event and his fifth podium finish overall which is fine reward for a strong advocate of the class in the Northern Territory.

Official Point Score of the 2022 SSA Street Stock Northern Territory Title

1. NT5 Justin Brumfield 108

2. S86 Bailey Heinrich 92

3. NT11 Jake Koivumaki 87

4. NT65 Bradley Shadforth 82

5. S49 Aaron Tyler 76

6. NT99 Jayden Giezendanner 70

7. NT15 Jack Yates 69

8. S91 Darren Brumfield 64

9. NT75 Jack Thomsen 59

10. NT14 Michael Jones 56

11. NT63 Jamie Yates 49

12. NT7 Colin Menzies 48

13. NT44 Megan Henderson 47

14. NT69 Samantha Radford 43

15. NT0 Cody Hodgins 43

16. S51 Nathan Brumfield 42

17. NT38 Timothy Button 35

18. NT31 Kane Lloyd 33

19. NT8 Shane Greening 31

20. NT53 Lucas Fry 29

21. NT74 Michelle Gill 28

Official Result of the 2022 SSA Street Stock Northern Territory

A Main, 35 Laps- 1. NT5 Justin Brumfield, 2. S86 Bailey Heinrich, 3. NT44 Megan Henderson, 4. NT11 Jake Koivumaki, 5. NT63 Jamie Yates, 6. NT75 Jack Thomsen, 7. NT7 Colin Menzies (34), 8. NT31 Kane Lloyd (34), 9. NT38 Timothy Button (34), 10. NT53 Lucas Fry (34), DNF NT99 Jayden Giezendanner (28), S51 Nathan Brumfield (28), NT74 Michelle Gill (28), NT69 Samantha Radford (17), NT65 Bradley Shadforth (13), NT0 Cody Hodgins (11), S49 Aaron Tyler (2), NT15 Jack Yates (1), NT14 Michael Jones (0), NT8 Shane Greening (0).