by | Nov 4, 2023 | SSA Modified Sedans, WA

Press Release by WA Modified Sedans.

Bullsbrook’s Shane Brittain has driven his way to victory at the Perth Motorplex last night in front of a large crowd, scoring his maiden feature race win at the venue.

A field of nine quality drivers arrived at the pristine pit lane of the Perth Motorplex in readiness for a night of racing on the big stage and the Modified Sedans certainly did not disappoint, racing side by side and jostling for positions in all three races.

2022/2023 WA Modified Sedan Series champion, Luke Fraser debuted for the first time this season and wasted no time returning to victory lane defeating brother Branden in the opening heat of the night.

Kevin Ellement, who has won seven feature race victories in Modified Sedans at the Perth Motorplex previously would cruise to a healthy win in the second heat over Lindsay McAuley and Shane Brittain, while Luke and Peter Fraser would fail to finish.

Unfortunately for Luke Fraser, his night would be over, leaving a field of eight for the feature which saw Kevin Ellement take a handy lead after an early race battle with Branden Fraser and Lindsay McAuley. Despite all efforts from Fraser and McAuley, Ellement would hold on, before Shane Brittain would start to make his way through the field on-board his Ri-Vive Nurtition supported VS Holden Commodore.

With a handful of laps to go, Brittain made his way to the back bumper of Kevin Ellement and used the mid-track line perfectly through turns one and two to take the lead. From here, Brittain would not be headed and would secure his first feature race win at the Perth Motorplex, while Lindsay McAuley would also find his way past Ellement for second. Kevin Ellement would round out the podium ahead of Branden Fraser and Jamie Higgs. Peter Fraser, Shane Dubberlin and Paul Stevens would have a great race long battle for the minor places to round out the field.

The WA Modified Drivers Association committee would again like to thank Gavin Migro from the Perth Motorplex for hosting Modified Sedans once again, as well as Speedway Sedans Western Australia for supporting Modified Sedan racing in WA.

Attention for WA Modified Sedans will now return to the 2023/2024 Stevens Ceilings WA Modified Sedan Series, which will head to Narrogin Speedway on Saturday, November 18 for Round 3 of the series supported by local business, Stevens Ceilings.

Official Results:

Modified Sedans Heat One, 7 laps: 1. W15 Luke Fraser, 2. W2 Branden Fraser, 3. W6 Paul Stevens, 4. W88 Shane Brittain, 5. W29 Linday McAuley, 6. W84 Jamie Higgs, 7. W333 Shane Dubberlin, 8. W31 Kevin Ellement. DNF: W0 Peter Fraser (2). Total Time: 2.32.882. Winning Margin: 3.242. Fastest Lap: 21.091 W15 Luke Fraser.

Modified Sedans Heat Two, 7 laps: 1. W31 Kevin Ellement, 2. W29 Lindsay McAuley, 3. W88 Shane Brittain, 4. W84 Jamie Higgs, 5. W2 Branden Fraser, 6. W6 Paul Stevens, 7. W333 Shane Dubberlin. DNF: W0 Peter Fraser (5), W15 Luke Fraser (0). Total Time: 2.27.166. Winning Margin: 0.299. Fastest Lap: 20.610 W84 Jamie Higgs.

Modified Sedan Feature, 12 laps: 1. W88 Shane Brittain, 2. W29 Lindsay McAuley, 3. W31 Kevin Ellement, 4. W2 Branden Fraser, 5. W84 Jamie Higgs, 6. W0 Peter Fraser, 7. W333 Shane Dubberlin, 8. W6 Paul Stevens. DNS: W15 Luke Fraser. Total Time: 4.03.677. Winning Margin: 1.571. Fastest Lap: 19.904 W88 Shane Brittain.