Briggs Claims Collie Street Stock Feature

by | Nov 13, 2017 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

The Street Stock racing at the Quit Collie Speedway was outstanding on Saturday night, with Paul Briggs winning the twenty lap main event.

After three qualifying heats which saw victories to Paul Joss, Ethan Genev and Briggs, it would be Luke Fraser and Paul Briggs who would start on the front row, while Joss and Wayne Thomson would start from the second row.

In a highly competitive race, where nothing separated the top six drivers throughout the first half of the event, it would be Luke Fraser who would get the best of the start.

Such was the closeness of the race, Paul Joss went from third to sixth in a lap as the lead group raced two and three wide.

Paul Briggs made his move on lap four with an excellent outside pass exiting turn four to take the lead from Fraser, who immediately fought back, with Wayne Thomson and Ethan Genev right behind Fraser.

At half way, Briggs had opened a small gap on Fraser, with the pair leaving the remaining drivers to fight for the minor placings. Thomson and Genev, were joined by Joss, Damon Thomson and Cody Avins in a great battle for the minor placings.

Briggs started lapping traffic in the second half of the race and had the race well under control. Meanwhile the battle for third had intensified, with placings changing hands at will.

The final lap would see the only stoppage of the race, with Paul Briggs about to receive the chequered flag when the caution lights came on for a crash in turn one, which involved Wayne Thomson and Damon Thomson. The Chief Steward, with a sense of theatre, called for a green, white, chequered flag finish, with Briggs having to survive a two lap run to the flag.

Briggs would hold on, but Ethan Genev got the better of Luke Fraser on the final lap, while Paul Joss held off Cody Avins in a blanket finish.

Briggs was elated with the win, while for Genev it was a good result, after hitting the fence hard in the final qualifying heat. Luke Fraser was also excited by his result, on a great night of racing.

It would also be a race against the clock, with the final few races on the program threatened by thunder and lightning, with the heavens duly opening soon after the chequered flag.


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Heat 1, 10 Laps: 1. W69 Paul Joss, 2. W3 Luke Fraser, 3.W12 Paul Briggs, 4. W10 Damon Thomson, 4. W4 Ethan Genev, 6. W94 Kieran Norman, 7. W2 Branden Fraser, 8. W31 Jake Avins, 9. W15 Wayne Thomson, 10. W44 Brodie Dunn, 11. W37 Jeremy Ferris

Heat 2, 10 Laps: 1. W4 Ethan Genev, 2. W15 Wayne Thomson, 3. W94 Kieran Norman, 4. W69 Paul Joss, 5. W3 Luke Fraser, 6. W31 Cody Avins, 7. W10 Damon Thomson, 8. W2 Branden Fraser, 9. W44 Brodie Dunn, 10. W12 Paul Briggs, 11. W37 Jeremy Ferris, 12. W47 Ray Rick

Heat 3, 10 Laps: 1. W12 Paul Briggs, 2. W3 Luke Fraser, 3. W15 Wayne Thomson, 4. W31 Cody Avins, 5. W10 Damon Thomson, 6. W44 Brodie Dunn, 7. W37 Jeremy Ferris, 8. W47 Ray Rick, 9. W2 Branden Fraser. DNF: 10. W94 Kieran Norman, 11. W69 Paul Joss, 12. W4 Ethan Genev

Feature Race, 20 Laps: 1. W12 Paul Briggs, 2. W4 Ethan Genev, 3. W3 Luke Fraser, 4. W69 Paul Joss, 5. W31 Jake Avins, 6. W2 Branden Fraser, 7. W37 Jeremy Ferris, 8. W47 Ray Rick. DNF: 9. W15 Wayne Thomson (18 laps), 10. W10 Damon Thomson (18), 11. W44 Brodie Dunn (15)

Paul Briggs wins an excellent Street Stock Feature race on Saturday night. Photo courtesy of Blake Jones Photography