by | Mar 31, 2024 | SSA Production Sedans, WA

Press Release Courtesy of Speedway Sedans Western Australia.

Being the only driver to win multiple heat races tonight, reigning Western Australian Champion Kye Blight holds onto a comfortable point lead after night one of the Northern Aspect Construction SSA Production Sedan WA Title at the IFuels Carnarvon Speedway.

Night One produced eleven different heat race winners from the twelve events, with Blight the only driver to claim two on the night.

It could have been a clean sweep of heat races for the current WA1, but after starting out of eleven in his opening heat and crossing the line in first place, he was deemed to have passed on the infield and was relegated to third place.

That handed the win to Clinton Theyer who after tonight is the man on the bubble sitting 16th in points.

The opening round heat races were challenging as conditions were very greasy to start the night seeing wins go the way of Kyle Sayer, Peter Katona, Jake Blight and Theyer.

Round two really brought the drama out as Hayden Norman had a great run going in heat five to quickly pull infield as Tylar Main went on to take the win.

The biggest accident of the weekend happened in heat six as Title contenders Ayden Trewern, Clint Noakes and Calon Ball were all involved in a major accident that included local Jace Kempton and Brody Day, seeing all five on the infield. Kane McDiarmid would take the win.

Josh Fraser would cross the line in first in heat seven but would be disqualified after he failed to make his way to post-race tech inspections meaning Drew Ogle would take the win while Blight would finally take a win in heat eight.

The final round would finally bring out some sort of normality as Clint Noakes would repair his car to win heat nine after a great battle with Jorj Park.

Ben Norman won heat ten in a local car owned by club President Trent Lyall. Blight again won in heat eleven while Jayden McCuish and Hayden Thomas put on a show in the last as McCuish would get the win.

Tomorrow night will see one more round of heats before the fields will be set for the B-Main and the Northern Aspect Construction SSA Production Sedan WA Title Main Event.


1. WA1 Kye Blight 95

2. A1 Kyle Sayer 82

3. W13 Drew Ogle 81

4. W61 Jake Blight 81

5. WA77 Jorj Park 79

6. WA3 Ben Norman 74

7. W16 Peter Katona 69

8. W7 Tylar Main 66

9. W91 Sean Bowen 64

10. W58 Jayden McCuish 63

11. WX4Mitch Killeen 63

12. W43 Hayden Thomas 59

13. W11 Nuno Mendes 59

14. W96 Jack McAuley 58

15. W23 Clint Noakes 57

16. WA4 Clinton Theyer 57

17. W31 Kane McDiarmid 52

18. W84 Jamie Higgs 51

19. W12 Aydan Trewern 42

20. W5 Josh Fraser 41

21. W333 Shane Dubberlin 40

22. W57 Rohan Thomas 40

23. W17 Jace Kempton 38

24. W4 Allan Harper 36

25. W41 Rickie Nuccini 32

26. W6 Hayden Norman 31

27. WB11 Ashley Baker 28

28. W22 Jamie Graham 27

29. W86 Wayne Leviston 26

30. W2 Ian Lester 25

31. WA11 Mason Fenner 20

32. W77 Possum Lawrence 20

33. W51 Mark Tillett 19

34. W95 Lachie Dellar 18

35. W8 Calon Ball 18

36. WA8 Cody Roberts 17

37. W9 Mitchell Baker 14

38. W27 Terry Champion 13

39. WX8 Brody Day 9

40. W3 Dave Herbert 4

41. WA12 Ryan Allan 0