by | Jan 16, 2022 | SSA Production Sedans, WA

Image by Peter Roebuck

After not finishing the main event on the opening night of competition, the Blights Auto Electrics Holden Commodore of Cody Blight has collected victory in the twenty lap finale on Saturday Night at the Perth Motorplex.

SSA Production Sedans who were making a rare Saturday Night appearance at the high banked venue, the Blight brothers Cody & Jake occupied the front row for the main event before a great crowd.

Cody controlled the race at the front on field withstanding the pressure initially from his younger brother and then Kyle Sayer the Friday night winner.

Sayer was in second by lap twelve and try as he may just couldn’t find a way past Cody Blight.Josh Fraser & Kane McDiarmid debuting a brand new Holden Commodore rounded out the top five.

The SSA Production Sedans return to the Perth Motorplex on Friday 18th February 2022 for the fourth round of the FAST Series.

Official Results

Heat One, 8 Laps- 1. W61 Jake Blight, 2. W86 Wayne Leviston, 3. W95 Kyle Sayer, 4. W39 Jeff Kendall, 5. W4 Jamie Higgs, 6. W74 Jhye Kent, 7. W96 Jack McAuley, 8. W31 Kane McDiarmid, 9. W33 Sean Oldham. Total Time: 3.08.520. Winning Margin: 7.378. Fastest Lap: 22.534 W86 Wayne Leviston.

Heat Two, 8 Laps- 1. W51 Cody Blight, 2. W5 Josh Fraser, 3. W86 Wayne Leviston, 4. W74 Jhye Kent, 5. W39 Jeff Kendall, 6. W7 Prue Plowright, 7. W21 John Tarandetti. DNS: W96 Jack McAuley. Total Time: 3.07.924. Winning Margin: 1.526. Fastest Lap: 22.064 W51 Cody Blight.

Heat Three, 8 Laps- 1. W61 Jake Blight, 2. W95 Kyle Sayer, 3. W51 Cody Blight, 4. W4 Jamie Higgs, 5. W5 Josh Fraser, 6. W31 Kane McDiarmid, 7. W33 Sean Oldham, 8. W21 John Tarandetti, 9. W7 Prue Plowright. Total Time: 3.03.590. Winning Margin: 0.107. Fastest Lap: 22.267 W95 Kyle Sayer.

A Main, 20 Laps- 1. W51 Cody Blight, 2. W95 Kyle Sayer, 3. W61 Jake Blight, 4. W5 Josh Fraser, 5. W31 Kane McDiarmid, 6. W86 Wayne Leviston, 7. W4 Jamie Higgs, 8. W33 Sean Oldham (19). DNF: W39 Jeff Kendall (13), W74 Jhye Kent (13), W7 Prue Plowright (5). DNS: W21 John Tarandetti. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.672. Fastest Lap: 21.970 W51 Cody Blight.