Black To Start Season With Good Cause

by | Oct 9, 2017 | Latest News

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Many teams do many things to promote the Sport of Speedway, their sponsors and themselves, but not too many delve into promoting a charitable cause.

Super Sedan driver Sean Black has though, and via his major sponsor Kellys Transport, whos grand daughter has a terrible and rare disorder, is raising awareness for Rett Syndrome.

Rett Syndrome is a rare neurological disorder mainly in females that affects the brain and nervous system.

It is described as Cerebral Palsy, Parkinsons disease, Epilepsy, Autism and Anxiety Disorder all in one little girl. The child develops normally for the first 6-18 months of life and then loses skills that have been gained, for example walking and speech. This is then followed by the loss of purposeful hand use, inconsolable crying and breathing issues. From 10 years of age the body can shut down and the only part that works is the eye gaze.

Rett Syndrome has been reversed in mice and there are several clinical trials in progress worldwide.
October is Rett Syndrome awareness month, and Sean Black and his racing team, proudly display the image of Georgia on the car, to help raise awareness.

This Saturday night, Sean Black and the team will be at the Ian Boettcher Race Parts, Kingaroy Speedway, taking part in the opening round of the Brims Concrete Super Sedan Series, and will be taking donations from anyone who is prepared to support their cause.

Donations can also be made via the Rett Syndrome website

Sean Black would like to thank his team:

Kellys Transport
Steering and Suspension
Forty Winks Toowoomba
Shock Shack
L Cleaning Service
Linmac Automotive
Burson Auto Parts Toowoomba
De Pool Shop
Narellan Pools Toowoomba
Terry Austins Crash Repairs
Mac Graphics
Tracey Lee Black Photography

Sean Black set for a big season, starting on Saturday night at Kingaroy