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Press Release Courtesy of the Super Sedan Association.

After trying for around twelve years Toowoomba’s Sean Black (Sweet 26) has won in front of his hometown crowd in a Super Sedan. Sean led all thirty laps of the Barnes Drilling round four McCosker Series to take the win over Steve Jordan (Sweet 10) and rookie Zac Pascoe (Dominator 51) in the Schultz Sedan Spectacular.

The event held at the Hi Tec Oils Toowoomba Speedway Saturday night (5th December 2020) was held in front of a great crowd considering government COVID 19 restrictions are still in place.The night got underway with six heat races, Darren Kane (Dominator A1) would stamp his authority on field after setting quick time in hot laps and winning both of his heats.

The other heat winners were Sean Black, Wayne Randall (Challenger 34), Ian Brims (Sweet 76) and Tania Smith (Rocket 3).The top eight to contest the dashes were Darren Kane (A1) 120, Sean Black (26) 114, Michael Nicola (Vic 3) 108, Steve Jordan (10) 102, Tania Smith (N3) 102, Zac Pascoe (51) 96, Ian Brims (76) 96 and Sam Roza (77) 96.Bronze: Ian Brims 15.484, Zac Pascoe 15.635, Sam Roza 15.923, Tania Smith 16.295.

Tania Smith would report that the Team only managed to get partial repairs completed on the Rocket after hitting the wall at the conclusion of the fifth heat to just get on track to record a time.

Silver: Steve Jordan 15.111, Ian Brims 15.690, Zac Pascoe15.902, Mick Nicola 15.920.Gold: Sean Black 15.221, Steve Jordan 15.630, Ian Brims 17.421, Darren Kane no time.

Disaster struck the Dominator Aus 1 machine of Kane entering turn three when the right front brake caliper mount broke and sent him into the wall, he would take no part in the dash.

Nine cars faced the starter for the 10 lap B Main, a nasty roll over in the back stretch for Ed Doherty (Rocket 91) on lap one brought out the caution. Fortunately Doherty would emerge uninjured but unable to take any further part. Michael Hally (OTR 98) won after starting from position five, the other drivers to progress to the A Main were Bob McCosker (Sweet 39), Justin Smithwick (Sweet 63) and Hayden Brims (Rocket 111).

Sean Black elected to start from the outside of the front row and he led the field into turn one. Mick Nicola would bring on the first caution after spinning on lap 2 and would be relegated to the rear of the field.

Sean masterfully ran the cushion and jumped out to a handy lead, about 10 laps into the race he caught lap traffic and field came back to him. Kane and Zac Pascoe ran side by side for most of the early part of the race swapping inside and outside lanes.

Jordan made a big move to get past both and into second place just before Kane would make contact with Brendan Doyle whilst trying to lap him. Doyle had to withdraw after spinning the car on lap 15. So at the half way point the top ten were Sean Black, Steve Jordan, Darren Kane, Zac Pascoe, Sam Roza, Craig Hammond, Carter Armstrong, Nicholas O’Keeffe, Ian Brims and Michael Hally.

At the restart Zac Pascoe passed Kane while a few drivers gained an unfair advantage by deliberately lining up in the wrong spots.

For the remainder of the race Zac Pascoe and Jordan would battle with Pascoe running the bottom and Jordan on the cushion in a great display.

Sean Black led all 30 laps win by just over two seconds from Steve Jordan and Zac Pascoe.

Nicholas O’Keefe worked his way through in the late stages on the bottom to be right at the pointy end as well.

Sean celebrated in victory lane with his mother Leah, the pair did a roof dance such was the thrill of the win for the family team.

Sean said in the pits after the race “The people cheering on the hill was very special and was pretty surreal. It was multilane and the ‘cush’ was superb.” The winners Sweet is sponsored by Handford Plumbing Services, Narellan Pools, Linmac Automotive, Burson’s Autoparts, Toowoomba Steering and Suspension, L Cleaning Service, DTS, Ash Media, Page Race Engines, Terry Austin Smash Repairs, DePool Shop, Scott’s FRP, GW Racing.

Steve Jordan said “it felt good to be back in his Sweet machine and Toowoomba gave us a track with plenty of pace. It was great to be a part of such good racing in the heats. Congratulations to Sean Black on his win and young Zac Pascoe on his third place.

Great to see the young guns coming through the ranks in the Supers.” The Jokers Sweet number 10 is supported by Nissan 4 x 4 Parts, Sweet Chassis, Pro 1 Race Parts, Down Under Graphics and Terry White Racing.

In just his ninth race in a Super Sedan eighteen year old Zac Pascoe was thrilled to be on the podium, he impressed everyone with his drive where he raced side by side with the vastly experienced Kane and Jordan.

A quote from Zac after the race are wise words for others to pay attention to – “When I look fast, I’m not smooth and am going slowly. And when I look slow, I am smooth and going fast”. Zac’s number 51 Dominator is supported by B & J Car Sales, Shock Shack, Ian Boettcher Race Parts, North2West Tyres and Wheels, Warrick Wreckers and Sweet Chassis.

Race Results

Heat One: Darren Kane A1, Zac Pascoe 51, Steve Jordan 10, Nicholas O’Keeffe, Mark O’Brien, Michael Hally 98, Craig Hammond 2. Time 4:35.976. Winning margin 0.384. Fastest Lap Steve Jordan 15.189

Heat Two: Sean Black 26, Michael Nicola V3, Tania Smith N3, Josh McLaren 96, Lyall Fisher 32, Bob McCosker 39, Hayden Brims 111, Tonny Brinkmann 19, Justin Smithwick 63. Time 5:02.021. Winning margin 0.814. Fastest lap Michael Nicola 15.816.

Heat Three: Wayne Randall 34, Carter Armstrong 35, Sam Roza 77, Brendan Doyle 31, Ian Brims 76, Ed Doherty 91, Gary Pagel 5, Ray Lane 5, Brendon Kelly 84. Time 2:43.553. Winning margin 1.400. Fastest lap Ian Brims 15.817.

Heat Four: Ian Brims 76, Michael Nicola V3, Craig Hammond 2, Nicholas O’Keeffe 20, Josh McLaren 96, Tonny Brinkmann 19, Michael Hally 98. Time 2:37.931. Winning margin 2.314. Fastest lap Michael Nicola 15.477

Heat Five: Tania Smith N3, Steve Jordan 10, Gary Pagel 5, Zac Pascoe 51, Wayne Randall 34, Brendan Doyle 31, Ed Doherty 91, Ray lane 5, Lyall Fisher 32. Time 3:41.079. Winning margin 0.176. Fastest lap Steve Jordan 15.686.

Heat Six: Darren Kane A1, Sean Black 26, Sam Roza 77, Carter Armstrong 35, Justin Smithwick 63, Bob McCosker 39, Hayden Brims 111, Brendon Kelly 84. Time 3:51.105. Winning margin 3.580. Fastest lap Darren Kane 15.044.

B Main: Michael Hally 98, Bob McCosker 39, Justin Smithwick 63, Hayden Brims 111, Ray Lane 5, Lyall Fisher 32, Tonny Brinkmann 19, Ed Doherty 91, Brendon Kelly 84. Time 13:06.901. Winning margin 1.046. Fastest lap Michael Hally 16.181.

Feature: Sean Black 26, Steve Jordan 10, Zac Pascoe 51, Darren Kane A1, Nicholas O’Keefe 20, Sam Roza 77, Mick Nicola V3, Carter Armstrong 35, Josh McLaren 96, Craig Hammond 2, Tania Smith N3, Hayden Brims 111, Wayne Randall 34, Michael Hally 98, Ian Brims 76, Justin Smithwick 63 (29), Bob McCosker 39 (29), Mark O’Brien 99 (18), Brendan Doyle 31 (14), Gary Pagel 5 (1). Time 14:37.302. Winning margin 2.330. Fastest lap Sean Black 15.771.

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Photo Credit Tracey-Lee Black