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Press Release by the Super Sedan Association

Sean Black (Sweet Q26) has taken out the season double at the Ian Boettcher Race Parts Kingaroy Speedway on Saturday night by winning both round five and now round eleven of the McCosker Super Sedan Series. The Autumn Nights Spectacular which was supported by Queensland Speedway Spares was a very entertaining affair which saw Steve Jordan (Dominator Q7) and Sam Roza (Sweet C77) fill the podium.

Nineteen cars competed in the six qualifying heats, the winners were Zac Pascoe (Dominator B51), Steve Jordan, Trent Wilson (Sweet Q44), Wayne Randall (Challenger Q34), Sean Black and Matty Pascoe (Sweet N47).

The top six qualifiers were Sean Black 112, Gavin Northfield 96 (Dominator Q15), Matty Pascoe 96, Zac Pascoe 94, Sam Roza 92 and Steve Jordan 90.

Results of the top six bottle draw were :- Steve Jordan, Sam Roza, Zac Pascoe, Sean Black, Gavin Northfield, Matty Pascoe.

The thirty lap feature got underway with Steve Jordan leading the field and Sean Black moving straight into position two followed by Sam Roza, Matty Pascoe, Zac Pascoe and Gavin Northfield. The first caution was on lap 3 for Brad Pascoe who found himself in the wall and would take no further part, the second caution was for Dion Bennett who had a spin on lap 12 and was able to continue. Both restarts were Delaware formation and saw Matty Pascoe stay on the highline trying to find a way around Jordan. The top three in Jordan, Pascoe and Black ran in close quarters with the later two swapping positions numerous times in the mid part of the race.

The battle for the lead really intensified on lap 21 as Steve Jordan and Matty Pascoe were battling for the lead Sean Black went through the middle of the pair and then ran on the outside of Jordan for a lap and half before completing the pass. With the top three battling Sam Roza was able to close and with a little slip from Pascoe was able to move into third place. Black went on the win by a margin of 1.589 seconds from Steve Jordan and Sam Roza. Completing the top five were Matty Pascoe and Wayne Randall who had started in position nine. The first Development Series driver home was the Q2 Rocket of Craig Hammond in ninth place.

This was the Sean Black’s Team Racing’s fourth feature win of the season. The Team is comprised of an all family affair:-  Sean’s mother Leah, sister Tracey and wife Samantha. The Q26 Chev Impala is sponsored by Handford Plumbing Services, Narellan Pools, Linmac Automotive, Burson’s Autoparts, Toowoomba Steering and Supension, L Cleaning Service, DTS, Ash Media, Page Race Engines, Terry Austin Smash Repairs, DePool Shop, Scott’s FRP, GW Racing.

Steve Jordan has three podiums so far and this was his first in the Q7 Dominator, he said Sunday morning … “we are the moon with our results we will keep digging …. As they say if you’re in control you’re not going fast enough!!” The Q7 Ford Mustang is sponsored by Nissan 4 x 4 Parts, Sweet Chassis, Pro 1 Race Parts, Down Under Graphics, and Terry White Racing.

Sam Roza has been extremely consistent in the past few events and now finds himself sitting in second in the McCosker Series points. Saturday night wasn’t all done with ease though as he pointed out “…the Team struggled with set up in the heats but as has been the case recently they hit on the right combination in the final”. The C77 Ford Mustang is sponsored by Ford Wreckers Redcliffe, Oz Race Wraps, Tasman Racewear, Autosmart North Brisbane, Beedhams Brake and Exhaust, 44 Photography, Parkers Body Shop, Redcliffe Towing, and Australian Auto Hoses

Race Results:

Heat One: Zac Pascoe B51, Sean Black Q26, Bob McCosker GL39, Matty Pascoe N47, Craig Hammond Q2, David Musch SB12, Michael Nicola Snr V3, Mark O’Brien Q99, Brendon Kelly SB84 Time 2:35.420. Margin 0.241. Fastest Lap Sean Black 14.446.

Heat Two: Steve Jordan Q7, Gavin Northfield Q15, Sam Roza C77, Hayden Brims N111, Trent Wilson Q44, Wayne Randall Q34, Justin Smithwick RK63, Dion Bennett N19, Brad Pascoe LV7, David O’Keeffe C20. Time 2:27.831. Margin 0.505. Fastest Lap Steve Jordan 13.960.

Heat Three: Trent Wilson Q44, Zac Pascoe B51, Justin Smithwick RK63, Matty Pascoe N47, Mark O’Brien Q99, Michael Nicola Snr V3, Steve Jordan Q7, Bob McCosker GL39, Hayden Brims N111, David O’Keeffe C20. Time: 5:37.258. Margin 1.019. Fastest Lap Trent Wilson 14.886.

Heat Four: Wayne Randall Q34, Sean Black Q26, Sam Roza C77, Gavin Northfield Q15, Dion Bennett N19, David Musch SB12, Brad Pascoe LV7, Craig Hammond Q2, Brendon Kelly SB84. Time 2:33.729. Margin 0.663. Fastest Lap Sean Black 14.855.

Heat Five: Sean Black 26, David Musch SB12, Gavin Northfield Q15, Sam Roza C77, Craig Hammond Q2, Brad Pascoe LV7, Dion Bennett N19, Wayne Randall Q345, Brendon Kelly SB84. Time 2:35.609 Margin 5.184. Fastest Lap Sean Black 15.294.

Heat Six: Matty Pascoe N47, Justin Smithwick RK63, Steve Jordan Q7, Hayden Brims N111, Bob McCosker GL39, Trent Wilson Q44, Zac Pascoe B51, Mark O’Brien Q99, Michael Nicola Snr V3, David O’Keeffe C20. Time 5:21.961. Margin 3.492. Fastest Lap Matt Pascoe 15.380.

Feature: Sean Black Q26, Steve Jordan B7, Sam Roza C77, Matty Pascoe N47, Wayne Randall Q34, Justin Smithwick RK63, Michael Nicola Snr V3, Bob McCosker GL39, Trent Wilson Q44, Craig Hammond Q2, David O’Keeffe C20, Mark O’Brien Q99, Hayden Brims 111, Brendon Kelly SB84, David Musch SB12, Dion Bennett N19 (29), Gavin Northfield Q15 (16), Zac Pascoe B51 (7), Brad Pascoe LV7 (3). Time 14:30.282. Margin 1.589. Fastest Lap Sean Black (lap 2) and Steve Jordan (lap1) 16.358. 

McCosker Contracting Super Sedan Series is also proudly supported by:

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