by | Oct 10, 2021 | SSA Junior Sedans, SSA Production Sedans, SSA Street Stocks, WA

Press Release Courtesy of Hillview Speedway

It was a sweet birthday present for Jack McAuley, as he railed from his 19th starting position to win his third East Pilbara Tyre Services Ash Page Memorial in a race that will go down for the ages.

Despite saying he is ‘too old’ to celebrate birthdays, McAuley will have plenty to celebrate after taking the victory in both the memorial race and also the Production Sedan Feature.

In a random pill draw for starting position, Collie’s Ken Melvin would get the front row all to himself in the missing man formation for the Memorial 28-Lap Main Event and would go off to a comfortable lead for the opening half of the event, but at lap 14 everything changed.

With space limited around the track, Warren Flavel would bring the event to a standstill as he rolled heavily into turn three, landing on the concrete wall.

After the 30-minute delay, Melvin would rocket back to the front until the charge come from Bates and McAuley, with the pair able to get by Melvin as the race started to be hampered by cautions.

Bates, who had not been defeated all weekend long in Street Stock events had all the work ahead of him to keep McAuley at bay, but the Holden Commodore found the outside to his liking to get by the local.

With five laps to go, multiple cautions would occur with cars starting to fail, most notably would be Jim McGormon whose right rear tyre departed from the vehicle.

Finally, the last five laps were able to be run with McAuley taking the victory from Bates and Brenden Higgs, who finally found some form on the second night after failing to finish a race on night one.

It was the same two drivers who were out in front of the Ash Page Memorial who won their feature races, with McAuley too good for Daniel Flavel and Higgs in the Production Sedans while Lenny Bates went onto defeat Colm O’Riordan and Craig Clayton.

Ash Page Memorial – 28 Laps GRID: 1. W56 Ash Page, 2. W89 Ken Melvin, 3. W172 Jim McGormon, 4. W23 Matt Lowe, 5. W46 Ryan Darcy, 6. W74 Lenny Bates, 7. W112 Warren Flavel, 8. W8 Brendan Higgs, 9. W94 Robert Dunbar, 10. W19 Stevie O’Dowd, 11. 65 Samantha Dodd, 12. W44 Jarred Hester, 13. W21 Colm O’Riordan, 14. W35 Craig Clayton, 15. W5 Brinley McGaffin, 16. W50 David Townsend, 17. W74 Bernie Matkovich, 18. W114 Daniel Flavel, 19. W96 Jack McAuley, 20. W73 Ray Clifton, 21. W15 Adam Power, 22. W25 Harry Wingfield, 23. W18 Tristian Flanagan, 24. W56 Brandon Mongoo, 25. W97 Jade Offer-Mamid


1. W96 Jack McAuley, 2. W74 Lenny Bates, 3. W8 Brendan Higgs, 4. W89 Ken Melvin, 5. W94 Robert Dunbar, 6. W74 Bernie Matkovich, 7. W50 David Townsend, 8. W21 Colm O’Riordan, 9. W65 Samantha Dodd, 10. W23 Matt Lowe, 11. W19 Stevie O’Dowd, 12. W15 Adam Power, 13. W44 Jarred Hester, DNF: W172 Jim Mangoo, W5 Brinley McGaffin, W73 Ray Clifton, W25 Harry Wingfield, W18 Tristian Flanagan, W56 Brandon Mongoo, W97 Jade Offer-Mamid, W112 Warren Flavel, W114 Daniel Flavel, W46 Ryan Darcy, W35 Craig Clayton

Production Sedans A-Main – 15 Laps GRID: 1. W96 Jack McAuley, 2. W114 Daniel Flavel, 3. W112 Warren Flavel, 4. W89 Ken Melvin, 5. W26 Robbie Trenaman, 6. W74 Bernie Matkovich, 7. W12 Ryan Allan, 8. W17 Glenn Sharpe, 9. W56 Brandon Mongoo, 10. W172 Jim McGormon, 11. W57 Cameron Small, 12. W8 Brendan Higgs, 13. W97 Jade Offer-Mamid, 14. W46 Ryan Darcy, 15. W18 Tristian Flanagan, 16. W68 Leigh Beecroft


1. W96 Jack McAuley, 2. W114 Daniel Flavel, 3. W8 Brendan Higgs, 4. W112 Warren Flavel, 5. W89 Ken Melvin, 6. W26 Robbie Trenaman, 7. W18 Tim Flanagan, 8. W46 Ryan Allan, DNF: W74 Bernie Matkovich, W12 Ryan Allan, W57 Cameron Small, W172 Jim McGormon, W97 Jade Offer-Mamid, DNS: W11 Ash Baker, W17 Glenn Sharpe, W35 Craig Clayton, W47 Roszali Mohammad-Dom, 56 Brandon Mongoo, W68 Leigh Beecroft

Street Stocks A-Main – 15 Laps GRID: 1. W74 Lenny Bates, 2. W19 Stevie O’Dowd, 3. W21 Colm O’Riordan, 4. W94 Robert Dunbar, 5. W50 David Townsend, 6. W5 Brinley McGaffin, 7. W65 Samantha Dodd, 8. W35 Craig Clayton, 9. W23 Matt Lowe, 10. W73 Ray Clifton, 11. W25 Harry Wingfield, 12. W15 Adam Power, 13. W44 Jarred Hester


1. W74 Lenny Bates, 2. W21 Colm O’Riordan, 3. W35 Craig Clayton, 4. W5 Brinley McGaffin, 5. W73 Ray Clifton, 6. W50 David Townsend, 7. W65 Samantha Dodd, 8. W23 Matt Lowe, 9. W15 Adam Power, 10. W25 Harry Wingfield, 11. W44 Jarred Hester, DNF: W19 Stevie O’Dowd, W94 Robert Dunbar

New Star Junior Sedan A-Main – 12 Laps GRID: 1. W29 Jett Downs, 2. W19 Katie Beadie, 3. W13 Tyde Lovell, 4. W11 Hannessis Mohammad-Dom, 5. W10 Mitch Binning


1. W29 Jett Downs, 2. W10 Mitch Binning, 3. W19 Katie Beadie, 4. W13 Tyde Lovell, 5. W11 Hannessis Mohammad-Dom,

Top Star Junior Sedans A-Main GRID: 1. W3 Donny Davis, 2. W89 Hunter Downs, 3. W26 Zakiya Costa, 4. W211 Jimahli Nunn Mohammed Dom, 5. W27 Malik Gordon


1. W89 Hunter Downs, 2. W3 Donny Davis, 3. W211 Jamahli Nunn Mohammad-Dom, 4. W26 Zakiya Costa, 5. W27 Malik Gordon