Big Field To Contest Queensland Modified Sedan Title

by | Apr 11, 2019 | Latest News


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Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Can Gympies own Aidan Raymont defend his Queensland Championship Title when the Budget Steel Queensland State Modified Sedan Title hits the track at Corbets Group Mothar Mountain Speedway on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st April?

Aidan has already had a most successful season and now, along with many others, faces the prospect of two major title events on back to back weekends. Firstly to defend his state title at Gympies Corbets Group Mothar Mountain Speedway and then the national title at I.B.R.P Kingaroy Speedway the following weekend.

Aidan is a master on Corbets Group Mothar Mountain Speedway, but, the list of opponents is quite remarkable.

One time National Champion, Brett Baxter is also a local Mountain competitor and knows and loves that Title winning feeling.

The big unknown in the field is certainly Chris Pagel who has won the Queensland State Production sedan Title and has decided to take on the Modified section for this title. He has already had a practice run in the Modified Sedan class coming home a very creditable second in a class field on his home Mountain track.

Rory Evans and Aaron Sander are two other high profile Production sedan drivers having a go at a Modified Sedan Title. Watch them closely.

Allan Mortimer has travelled from WA for the title. Jake Drewett, Matt Nelson and Kye Walters, who has had success on the Mountain, have all travelled from Victoria for the title.

Drivers have also come from all over Queensland for the title.
It will, no doubt, be a memorable occasion.

As usual, only one more thing to say BE THERE!

Q1 Aidan Raymont
Q2 Chris Pagel
Q4 Glenn Pagel
Q5 Brett Baxter
Q5 Corey Stein
Q05 Richard Cook
Q7 Steve Jordan
Q8 Lee Steffens
Q8 Rodney Pammenter
Q9 Brett Watson
Q10 Stephen Geritz
Q12 Luke Hollyman
Q15 Tim Atkin
Q15 Pacey Clegg
VI8 Jake Drewett
Q19 Wayne Gilroy
Q21 Kent Shelford
Q22 Shannon Blackburn
Q23 Tim Smith
Q25 Adam Jorgensen
Q29 Jessica O�Meara
Q32 Nathan McDonald
V46 Kye Walters
Q54 Michael Shelford
Q56 Darren Severs
Q58 Tim Weir
V61 Matt Nelson
W74 Allan Mortimer
Q75 Myles Gilroy
Q78 Peter Gray
Q89 TJ Horne
Q97 Brad Yarrow
Q116 Aaron Sander
Q197 Rory Evans.

Details courtesy of Paul Gannon