Big Field Entered For Queensland Production Sedan Title

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Latest News


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Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

The Fraser Shores Maryborough Speedway will be the place to be on Saturday night, when 48 Production Sedans do battle in the Queensland Title.

Defending and two times Champion, Chris Pagel heads the line-up, which also includes National Champion, Joel Berkley. Pagel has won two Feature events for the season and Berkley ten, however, neither of them have won at Maryborough this season.

The field includes several drivers from New South Wales, in what promises to be a great night of racing.

Steve Jordan who finished on the podium last season is also in the field, along with Josh Crang, Daniel Henshaw, Josh Arthur, Richard Cook, Sarah Franz, Josh Harm and Jim Cowley to name but a few of the drivers who should be prominent across the night.

Racing commences at 4.00pm EST

RK2 Michael Johnson
SB2 Simon Walker
G2 Chris Pagel
LAC2 Madison harkin
C4 Matt Thomas
G4 Malcolm Kernke
M5 Wayne Moller
GL5 Nick cook
G6 Rick Hazelgrove
B7 Steve Jordan
SC8 Kayla Stokes
G8 Josh Crang
BW8 Michael Larsen
M9 Joel Berkley
CR9 Ashley mckellar
G10 Daniel henshaw
SB11 Josh Harm
BW11 Chris Annison
GIL12 Steve Terry
M15 Josh Arthur
GL15 Richard cook
G17 Neil Keldoulis
M20 Aidan scott
RK22 Scott Black
SB23 Aaron Bleys
SC23 Adrian Stott
M24 Dan Thompson
M25 Shane skene
LAC25 Lindsay Clapham
SC28 Stephen Freeman
SC30 Leonie Knight (ROF)
SC31 Will roeser
SB32 Brody Fraser
SC36 Sarah Franz
SB38 Maddi McGee
SB44 Mitchell Bleys
SB48 Brett Barron
CR57 Thomas Fuller
SC61 Jim Cowley
M63 Brayden Pacey
LAC66 Steve Downes
RK71 Kevin Young
LAC71 Mark Quirk
G84 Jarrod Peacock
SB88 Nic Bleys
CR96 Amy Evans
G97 Rory Evans
G116 Aaron Sander

Photo: Defending Champion Chris Pagel
Photo courtesy of Tony Scriven