by | Nov 21, 2021 | QLD, SSA Junior Sedans, SSA Production Sedans, SSA Street Stocks

Images by Renee Leggo Photography & Designs.

Queensland Production Sedan Champion Joel Berkley has claimed his second main event win of the 2021/2022 Ian Boettcher Race Parts Series for round three held last night at the Maryborough Speedway.

Berkley was challenged throughout the twenty lap race by the likes of Maryborough’s Brendan Bayfield & Josh Jarius and Rockhampton’s Tony Owen.Bayfield hit the lead momentarily on lap ten before slipping back to sixteenth by race end.

The winning margin was just 0.424 of a second as Josh Jarius rounded out the podium from Andrew Beaton & Levi O’Brien the top five.

The third round of the 2021/2022 Pro1 Race Parts Junior Sedan Series provided plenty of action as eighteen Top Stars were joined by thirteen New Star competitors.

Kurtis Peall claimed his third main event win in a row in the series as Bryce Bayfield & Jayden Hancock crossed the line only marginally behind the Bundaberg pilot.

Kurtis Peall

Gordon Midolo defeated a small field of SSA Street Stocks ahead of their Queensland State Title to be held next weekend at the Gympie Speedway.

Official Results

A Main, 20 Laps- 1. Q1 Joel Berkley, 2. RK8 Tony Owen, 3. M3 Josh Jarius, 4. BB7 Andrew Beaton, 5. SC99 Levi O’Brien, 6. G71 Steven Spence, 7. SC24 Brock Morris, 8. BB5 John Agosta, 9. G17 Neil Keldoulis, 10. BW18 Brady Roberts, 11. GL71 Shawn Ingham, 12. M16 Sam Grundy, 13. BB26 Gary Harris Jnr, 14. SB22 Charlotte Christensen, 15. M18 Brendan Bayfield, 16. G25 Selina Jennings, 17. M33 Brandon Jarius (19), DNF BB30 Brad Scherer (4), C14 TJ Horne (4), GL15 Richard Cook, SC36 Sarah Franz, SC15 Jamie Beasmore, C88 Nathan Barbeler.

Top Star A Main, 15 Laps- 1. BB11 Kurtis Peall, 2. M18 Bryce Bayfield, 3. M7 Jayden Hancock, 4. B19 JJ Hamilton, 5. M21 Mitchell Bayfield, 6. G27 Aidan Rigby, 7. BB32 Kaine Richters, 8. BB88 Billy Macdonald, 9. BB17 AJ Macdonald, 10. BB31 Patrick Ray, 11. G3 William Pagel, 12. SC27 Cooper Flynn, 13. M17 Cooper Reid, 14. BB75 Coen Herwig (14), DNF B23 Harry Fowler (9), SB27 Hannah Christensen (8).

New Star A Main, 12 Laps- 1. C58 Hayden Stewart, 2. BB23 Jack Vuichoud, 3. M6 Aidan Barsby, 4. G5 Taryn Francis, 5. M71 Riley Hutchison, 6. SC17 Connor Smith, 7. G21 Hayley Spence, 8. M12 Ella Duthie (11), 9. BB10 Abbey Peall (11), 10. BB82 Hunter Heidke (10), 11. G11 Amber Spence (8), DQ M11 Chayse Polzin.

SSA Street Stock Feature Race, 15 Laps- 1. C85 Gordon Midolo, 2. SB10 Ben Stead, 3. CR99 Peter Thompson, 4. C164 John Stoward, 5. BB47 Beau Pieters, 6. BB87 Jessica Dakin-Masters, DNF M46 Cody Polzin.