by | Apr 1, 2023 | SSA Modified Sedans, WA

Press Release Courtesy of Speedway Sedans Western Australia

Taking a gamble to run the AM Wreckers Group SSA Modified Sedan State Title has worked out for Queenland’s Joel Berkley as he started from the pole to lead every lap in the Main Event to win ahead of Sam McAuley and Kye Walters at Esperance Toyota Speedway.

Berkley, who did double duties over the night and won in his Production Sedan in testing for the upcoming National Production Sedan Title, was challenged by many drivers throughout the 40-lap feature.

18 of the 22 cars would start the A-Main, with the biggest out being Brendan Higgs, who after blowing a motor and working overtime last night to get a new one in, had another engine expire on him in the second round of heats.

To kick things off for the challengers was Kye Blight, who started alongside Berkley on the front row and Aidan Raymont, who both tried to draw level with Berkley, but both drivers’ attacks where short-lived as both drivers ended their night on the infield.

Up next were Sam McAuley and Kye Walters.

McAuley got the attention of the fans as his intelligent driving kept him on the bottom of the race track and in contention. Kye Walters, who started out of position seven, made his run to the front as fast as he could, with both drivers rechallenging Berkley simultaneously.

A restart with ten to go when fourth running Laurie Dowsett blew a left rear tyre changed the whole outlook of the last quarter, with all of a sudden, David Head and Gaje Price both came knocking on the door for a podium spot, but they ended up being no match for our top three and Berkley.

Berkley, with the win, became the first interstate driver to win the SSA Modified Sedan State Title, a feat that has taken 43 years to achieve.It was a hard night for some of WA’s heavy hitters in the division, with Dowsett losing a tyre, Luke Fraser retiring early and Branden Fraser failing to even make it out for the Main Event after only starting two of his heat races over the night.

Now, all the attention for these drivers turns to Albany and the SSA National Modified Sedan Title Presented by the City of Albany with Official Practice kicking off on Good Friday.


1. Q9 Joel Berkley, 2. W36 Sam McAuley, 3. V1 Kye Walters, 4. Q24 David Head, 5. W115 Gaje Price, 6. W6 Paul Stevens, 7. W616 Jamie Goodwin, 8. W31 Kevin Ellement (39), DNF: W19 Josh Stewart (35), WA14 Laurie Dowsett (30), W41 Kye Blight (23), W74 Allan Mortimer (23), V18 Brooke Ferguson (18), Q28 Aidan Raymont (8), W15 Luke Fraser (6), W17 Merv Penn (6), W88 Shane Brittain (0), DNS: W2 Brendan Fraser, W84 Brent Crookes, W48 Brendan Higgs, W18 Adam Houston.