Beechey New Tasmanian Super Sedan Champion

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Latest News

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Adam Beechey has won the Tasmanian Super Sedan Title at the Gulf Western and Independent Oils Raceway on Saturday night, leading all the way in the A Main.

Beechey would start on pole for the main event, and despite a first lap stoppage, Beechey controlled the race there after, winning convincingly.

Behind Beechey, a tremendous battle raged for the entirety of the race, with Wayne Dillon driving a great race, holding off all challengers, including National Champion, Callum Harper, who would be given the Mechanical Defect flag on lap twelve during a stoppage, eliminating the defending champion.

Upon the resumption, Beechey drove away from the field, as Dillon, Laura Davidson, David Nichols, Steve Latham and Jason McPherson had a brilliant battle for the minor placings, with Latham and McPherson coming from the back of the field.

Beechey could see the main body of the field come the end of the race, winning by nearly eleven seconds. Dillon drove superbly holding off Laura Davidson who was not only challenging Dillon but holding off Steve Latham in the final laps.

For Beechey it was just his second time on the podium, having finished third in 2011, while for Dillon and Davidson it would be their first time on a State Title podium.

:: Tasmanian Super Sedan Title

Heat 1, 10 Laps: 1. A1 Callum Harper, 2. T48 Wayne Dillon, 3. T71 Robert Bird, 4. T11 Gil Aylett, 5. T24 Anthony Manion (9 laps), 6. T75 Leon Nichols (9), 7. T4 Marcus Alexander (9). Time: 2.45.370, Winning Margin: 5.758, Fastest Lap: 15.502 A1 Callum Harper

Heat 2, 10 Laps: 1. T16 Corey Smith, 2. T41 Adam Beechey, 3. T61 Laura Davidson, 4. T3 David Nichols, 5. T7 Nathan Howells, 6. T47 Lucas Dillon, 7. T5 Leon Cleary, 8. T10 Andrew Poke (0), 9. T8 Steve Latham (0). Time: 2.48.020, Winning Margin: 0.053, Fastest Lap: 15.467 T41 Adam Beechey

Heat 3, 10 Laps: 1. T41 Adam Beechey, 2. T61 Laura Davidson, 3. T71 Robert Bird, 4. T5 Leon Cleary, 5. T16 Corey Smith (2 laps), 6. T79 Jason McPherson (1). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 3.243, Fastest Lap: 14.239 T41 Adam Beechey

Heat 4, 10 Laps: 1. T24 Anthony Manion, 2. T11 Gil Aylett, 3. T7 Nathan Howells, 4. T3 David Nichols, 5. T48 Wayne Dillon, 6. A1 Callum Harper, 7. T4 Marcus Alexander, 8. T75 Leon Nichols (7 laps), 9. T47 Lucas Dillon (2). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 3.372, Fastest Lap: 14.709 T24 Anthony Manion

Heat 5, 10 Laps: 1. T48 Wayne Dillon, 2. A1 Callum Harper, 3. T7 Nathan Howells, 4. T11 Gil Aylett, 5. T61 Laura Davidson, 6. T47 Lucas Dillon (0). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 0.237, Fastest Lap: 15.465 A1 Callum Harper

Heat 6, 10 Laps: 1. T5 Leon Cleary, 2. T3 David Nichols, 3. T41 Adam Beechey, 4. T79 Jason McPherson, 5. T71 Robert Bird, 6. T24 Anthony Manion, 7. T4 Marcus Alexander (5 laps). Time: 2.28.116, Winning Margin: 2.585, Fastest Lap: 14.507 T5 Leon Cleary

A Main, 40 Laps: 1. T41 Adam Beechey, 2. T48 Wayne Dillon, 3. T61 Laura Davidson, 4. T8 Steven Latham, 5. T3 David Nichols, 6. T79 Jason McPherson, 7. T7 Nathan Howells (39 laps), 8. T11 Gil Aylet (36), 9. T5 Leon Cleary (35), 10. T24 Anthony Manion (31), 11. A1 Callum Harper (12), 12. T71 Robert Bird (11). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 10.956, Fastest Lap: 14.382 A1 Callum Harper (Result Provisional)

Photo courtesy of Angryman Photography