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Images by Angryman Photography

Adam Beechey’s boxing day turned out just as he had hoped after taking out the twenty five lap A Main for the annual Geoff Stagg Memorial held at the Cranes Combined Carrick Speedway.

Beechey aboard his T14 Gen 5 Dominator lead home former Tasmanian champion Steve Latham and Laura Davidson in what doubled as round two of the 2020/2021 Walsh Marine Services Tasmanian Super Sedan Series.

Two time National Champion Callum Harper retired from the race on lap twenty while sitting in third place.

The third round of the series that was scheduled to be held this evening at the Gulf Western & Independent Oils Raceway at Latrobe has unfortunately been cancelled due to inclement weather.

Official Result

A Main, 25 Laps- 1. T14 Adam Beechey, 2. T8 Steve Latham, 3. T61 Laura Davidson, 4. T3 David Nichols, 5. T18 Dwaine Sonners, 6. T7 Nathan Howells, 7. T71 Robbie Bird, 8. T29 Tim Johnson, 9. T4 Marcus Alexander, 10. T48 Wayne Dillon. DNF T22 Callum Harper (20), T75 Brendan Flynn (11), T19 Brett Dawkins (2)

The Top Ten Point Score after two completed rounds of the 2020/2021 Walsh Marine Services Tasmanian Super Sedan Series

1. T14 Adam Beechey – 222

2. T8 Steve Latham – 189

3. T3 David Nichols – 181

4. T61 Laura Davidson – 161

5. T22 Callum Harper – 136

6. T18 Dwaine Sonners – 118

7. T7 Nathan Howells – 75

8. T5 Leon Cleary – 60

9. T71 Robbie Bird – 56

10. T4 Marcus Alexander – 29

The 2020/2021 Tasmanian Super Sedan Series is proudly supported by-

Walsh Marine Services

TKA Welding & Fabrication

John’s Mechanical

DG Nichols Builders

Ace Industries Mechanical & Welding

Southern Floor Sanding

Speedway Sedans Tasmania

GEOFF STAGG MEMORIAL PODIUM- Left To Right, 3rd Laura Davidson, 1st Adam Beechey, 2nd Steve Latham