by | Feb 7, 2022 | SSA Street Stocks, TAS

Image by Angryman Photography.

Speedway Sedans Australia’s most decorated driver Anthony Beare has added yet another major blue ribbon event to his already impressive racing resume by taking victory last night at Cranes Combined Carrick Speedway in Tasmania in the 2022 KILLA Earthworx 20/20 Stockie Showdown.

Beare went both nights of competition as the dominant driver amongst a field of over 50 SSA Street Stocks.

The main event for the KILLA Earthworx Stockie showdown was ran into separate 20 lap races events as they raced both clockwise and anti clockwise around the venue located just outside Launceston.

Beare controlled the race at the front of the field as many of his competitors fell by the wayside.Former Tasmanian Nathan Russell drove a great race to finish less than two seconds in a rears of the national champion with Corey Bauld officially third.

Preparations are already underway to make the event even bigger in 2023 with this years version paying out over $17,000 prize money to the field.


A Main, 40 Laps- 1. S46 Anthony Beare, 2. T23 Nathan Russell, 3. T77 Corey Bauld, 4. T65 Trent Austen, 5. T4 Steven Harvey, 6. T34 Ian McGuiness, 7. T6 Morris Ahearn, 8. T11 Adrian Lawrence, 9. T52 Steve Russell, 10. T7 John Riley, 11. T90 Blake Campbell, DNF T15 Daniel Cunningham (30), T110 Terry Hammond (28), T16 Nicholas Taylor (23), T164 Mitch Allison (20), T8 Jade Waddington (20), T30 Bradley Currant (20), T24 Ben Riley (20), T121 Lucas Dickenson (20), T28 Andrew Riley (19), T3 Harry Auton (19), T35 Matthew Atkinson (16), T29 Caleb Auton (16), T27 Jaiden Russell (1), Quick Time S46 Anthony Beare 18.092.