by | Apr 18, 2021 | SSA Street Stocks, WA

Nine years after his last feature win at the Motorplex, Anthony Beare tonight broke through for another feature win, this time in the third round of the SSA Street Stock Novus Glass Month of Madness.

Beare was in solid form all night, though would not claim a heat win or even start from the front row in the feature race after a new format was used in conjunction with the Month of Madness to trial something different for the drivers.

At the drivers meeting a six invert was drawn, meaning the heat race fields set by last night’s feature results were inverted by the top six.

The top three from each of these heat results (Jamie Oldfield, Stefani Ameduri and Lenny Bates in heat one, and Ray Leonard, Peter Herbert and Beare in heat two) would then do a draw to determine their starting positions for the feature, while the remainder of the field was set by their finishing positions from the heats.

Stefani Ameduri would start from pole in the feature alongside Peter Herbert, with Herbert immediately into the lead while Anthony Beare quickly made his presence felt from the fifth position, racing into the lead on the third lap, displacing Herbert.A couple of yellow light stoppages would bring the race to a temporary halt; first of all for Lenny Bates who turned hard left into the turn four wall, then another for Stefani Ameduri spinning with Ben Norman in the same corner.

Beare led Herbert and Jamie Oldfield through each of these restarts, with Oldfield taking the opportunity to draw alongside Herbert on lap seven and then pass him, setting out after Beare.

Behind them was a number of cars shuffling positions, none more than last nights third place getter Daniel Ameduri, who was again making his way through the field from position nine, picking off a number of cars until he found himself in third place on lap twelve.

From here the front four order never changed, though behind them was a great battle for fifth, with Ray Leonard, Jace Kempton and Jake Hoath all holding the position in the final few laps. In the end though it was Hoath, racing all the way from position fifteen who claimed the fifth place result.

With tonight’s results taken into account, the gap has closed once again in the overall Novus Glass Month of Madness standings, with Beare leading the series, now only twelve points ahead of Jamie Oldfield in second place, while Hayden Norman is eighty-six points further back in third place.

With one round of the series remaining, to be held next weekend at the Geraldton Speedway, it will be great to finally bring this Month of Madness to a close, with the official series winner to be crowned in the mid west venue!


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Round 1: Attwell Park Speedway, Albany – January 23, 24 – Winner Jamie Oldfield

Round 2: Make Smoking History Bunbury Speedway – January 30 – Winner Anthony Beare

Round 3: Perth Motorplex – April 16,17 – Winner Anthony Beare

Round 4: Geraldton City Speedway – April 24Release by DTN Media.Pics Courtesy Jason Sutton Photography/DTN Media & Peter Roebuck.

Official Results

Heat Five, 8 laps: 1. 1 W110 Clayton Blee, 2. W83 Stefani Ameduri, 3. W29 Jake Hoath, 4. W74 Lenny Bates, 5. W183 Daniel Ameduri, 6. WA1 Jamie Oldfield, 7. W3 Gavin Minty, 8. W55 Jace Kempton, 9. W6 Hayden Norman, 10. W35 Craig Clayton, 11. W10 Damon Thomson.

RESULT1. WA1 Jamie Oldfield, 2. W83 Stefani Ameduri, 3. W74 Lenny Bates, 4. W55 Jace Kempton, 5. W183 Daniel Ameduri, 6. W3 Gavin Minty, 7. W35 Craig Clayton, 8. W29 Jake Hoath, 9. W10 Damon Thomson, 10. W110 Clayton Blee. DNS: W6 Hayden Norman. Total Time: 3.02.624. Winning Margin: 5.767. Fastest Lap: 22.465 WA1 Jamie Oldfield.

Heat Six, 8 laps: 1. W12 Ray Leonard, 2. W31 Cody Avins, 3. W44 Peter Herbert, 4. W12 Paul Briggs, 5. W66 Ben Norman, 6. S46 Anthony Beare, 7. W609 Jamie Goodwin, 8. W23 Matt Lowe, 9. W21 Evan Wakefield, 10. W95 Gordon Wyatt.

RESULT1. W12 Ray Leonard, 2. W44 Peter Herbert, 3. S46 Anthony Beare, 4. W66 Ben Norman, 5. W23 Matt Lowe, 6. W21 Evan Wakefield, 7. W12 Paul Briggs, 8. W609 Jamie Goodwin (7). DNF: W31 Cody Avins (1). Total Time: 3.06.721. Winning Margin: 0.821. Fastest Lap: 23.000 W44 Peter Herbert.

Feature, 20 laps: 1. W83 Stefani Ameduri, 2. W44 Peter Herbert, 3. WA1 Jamie Oldfield, 4. W12 Ray Leonard, 5. S46 Anthony Beare, 6. W74 Lenny Bates, 7. W55 Jace Kempton, 8. W66 Ben Norman, 9. W183 Daniel Ameduri, 10. W23 Matt Lowe, 11. W3 Gavin Minty, 12. W21 Evan Wakefield, 13. W35 Craig Clayton, 14. W12 Paul Briggs, 15. W29 Jake Hoath, 16. W609 Jamie Goodwin, 17. W10 Damon Thomson, 18. W31 Cody Avins, 19. W110 Clayton Blee, 20. W6 Hayden Norman.

RESULT1. S46 Anthony Beare, 2. WA1 Jamie Oldfield, 3. W183 Daniel Ameduri, 4. W44 Peter Herbert, 5. W29 Jake Hoath, 6. W55 Jace Kempton, 7. W12 Ray Leonard, 8. W12 Paul Briggs, 9. W35 Craig Clayton, 10. W3 Gavin Minty, 11. W23 Matt Lowe, 12. W74 Lenny Bates, 13. W609 Jamie Goodwin (19), 14. W10 Damon Thomson (19), 15. W83 Stefani Ameduri (18). DNF: W66 Ben Norman (16), W21 Evan Wakefield (2), W6 Hayden Norman (0). DNS: W31 Cody Avins, W110 Clayton Blee. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 1.949. Fastest Lap: 20.982 W44 Peter Herbert.

Novus Glass Month of Madness Top Ten After Motorplex Night Two

1. S46 Anthony Beare 344

2. WA1 Jamie Oldfield 332

3. W6 Hayden Norman 246

4. W27 Damon Lyall 228

5. W4 Ethan Genev 215

6. W44 Peter Herbert 214

7. W29 Jake Hoath 193

8. WA55 Jace Kempton 192

9. W7 Mick Hamon 185

10. W183 Daniel Ameduri 183