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Official Release- Saturday 4th March 2023

Current National Street Stock Champion Anthony Beare leads the point score after night one of the 2023 SSA Inc National Street Stock Title presented by East Pilbara Tyre Service which is being held at the Bunbury Speedway in Western Australia.

Courtesy of two heat wins and a runner up finish the six-time National Champion aboard the EB Graphics Holden Commodore from Mount Gambier in South Australia is alone at the top with one hundred points five clear of former Western Australian Champion Hayden Norman.

Shane Whild from Manjimup in Western Australia is third overall with ninety-two points with two-time National Champion’s Jamie Oldfield and Mick Hamon rounding out the top five.

Fine weather greeted competitors ahead of the opening night of the 2023 SSA National Street Stock Title as one hundred and thirteen cars began the event ahead of the thirty qualifying heats.

Two Time Western Australian Champion Wayne Thomson drove a great race to fight back on Victorian Champion Matt Nelson to win the opening heat race of the National Title.

Former Tasmanian resident Matt Hammond held off Jamie Oldfield in heat two with Victorian Jayden Blomeley officially third.

Anthony Beare got his National Title defence off to the best possible start by winning heat three by over four seconds.

Moora’s Clayton Blee dominated heat four as Collie’s Damon Thomson held off South Australian Steve Gartner for second with Gartner officially third.

Heat Six of the National Title was a brilliant affair as Matthew Iwanow, Linton Dickerson and Ben Norman battled for the lead with Iwanow narrowly prevailing.

South Australian Champion Bailey Heinrich recorded a near five second victory in heat seven with Warren Oldfield and Lenny Bates charging through the field to finish second and third respectively.

The first stoppage since the opening heat race occurred in heat eight as Steve Rodley and Daniel Stanley came together. Western Australian Champion Damon Lyall would suffer a flat left rear tyre while in second place as Lachie Dellar took the win narrowly from Jake Hoath and Morris Ahearn.

A major incident occurred at the start of heat nine as Dale Cockman rolled in turn two after contact with other competitor ending his National Title without completing a lap.

Collie’s Ethan Genev went around the outside of Paul Briggs late in heat nine to take the win from Briggs with Geraldton’s Peter Dowie officially third.

Northern Territory Champion Justin Brumfield held off South Australian Andy Maxwell Jnr and Hayden Norman to round out the opening round of heats in heat ten, with the ten laps an entertaining affair.

Two Time National Champion Mick Hamon battled an ill handling racecar in heat eleven to claim victory as he held off Clinton Waldron and the fast finishing Jake Hoath.

Jamie Oldfield put in the drive of the night in heat twelve coming from position eleven to win by nearly two seconds from Lenny Bates and Hamish Macalpine.

A depleted field completed the ten laps in heat thirteen as Anthony Beare recorded his second win of the Title from Evan Wakefield and Paul Briggs.

Four Times runner up in the National Street Stock Title Mick Dann drove a great race in heat fourteen to take the win with Shane Whild going from position eight to finish second with Russell Gunn third.

Eighteen year old Kayne Dellar held off Morris Ahearn and Jamie Goodwin in heat fifteen as a brilliant heat sixteen saw Damon Lyall hold off Ben Norman and Jack Yates.

Matt Hammond hit the lead early in heat seven after coming from well back in the pack to record his second heat win of the National Title as Jayden Blomeley drove a smart race to finish second.

Collie’s Paul Joss found a way past Ethan Genev early in heat eighteen to take the thirty six points as his ODH Mechanical backed entry limped to the chequered flag.

Heat Nineteen was one of the races of the night as Stevie O’Dowd, Bailey Heinrich and Jace Kempton battled for the lead before O’Dowd was sidelined with engine issues on lap six.

Kempton would have one last attempt to find a way past Heinrich on the final lap as the South Australian Champion prevailed.

The two Ford Falcons of Hayden Norman and Shane Roycroft would spend the ten laps of heat twenty having a brilliant battle for the lead as Norman took the win by 0.3 seconds in one of the races of the night.

Matt Nelson’s disappointing night continued when the third round got underway in heat twenty one as he would retire from the lead on lap four.

Albany veteran Peter Herbert took the thirty six points from Jayden Blomeley and Zane Humphrys.

2019 Western Australian Champion Jack Barnewall drove a steady race in heat twenty two to take the win after being pressured by Trent Lyall, Ben Norman and Kayne Dellar throughout the race.

Damon Lyall came from the fifth row to take the win in heat twenty three from Shane Whild and Bradley Oldfield the top three.

South Australian Drew Flatman in the Mitsubishi Magna withstood the pressure from Steve Gartner for seven laps in heat twenty four before succumbing to a flat right front tyre handing the win to Gartner.

Heat Twenty Five was an absolute classic as David Fall, Shane Roycroft, Lachie Dellar, Aaron Sutton and Cody Avins battled throughout the event.

Fall would slip back in the concluding stages as Roycroft took the win from Lachie Dellar and Cody Avins.

A controversial moment occurred in heat twenty six as Bailey Heinrich and Paul Briggs became locked together on lap two. The pairing would take no further part in the race leaving a small field for the remaining eight laps.

Jamie Oldfield tried everything to find a way past Hayden Norman with Norman holding on for his second heat win of the National Title.

Victorian Ricky Cornwall momentarily lead heat twenty seven before succumbing to overheating issues. Mick Hamon would wrestle the win from Warren Oldfield in a classic battle between the two Holden Commodores.

Bunbury’s David Padmore sailed around the outside of Jake Hoath to claim heat twenty eight with Wayne Thomson officially third.

Victorian Morris Ahearn took a comfortable win in heat twenty nine as did South Australian Andy Maxwell Jnr in heat thirty which concluded night one.

Anthony Beare would cross the line in second place in heat thirty which gave the reigning National Champion the overnight points lead.

Each competitor will contest one more heat race on night two before the Two C Mains, Two B Mains and forty lap A Main to decide the 2023 SSA Inc National Street Stock Title.


1. S46 Anthony Beare 100
2. W6 Hayden Norman 95
3. W2 Shane Whild 92
4. W0 Jamie Oldfield 92
5. WA7 Mick Hamon 89
6. V4 Morris Ahearn 87
7. V82 Shane Roycroft 87
8. W4 Ethan Genev 81
9. W9 Matt Hammond 80
10. W29 Jake Hoath 79
11. V62 Jayden Blomeley 79
12. S86 Bailey Heinrich 78
13. V23 Mick Dann 77
14. S32 Steve Gartner 76
15. W27 Damon Lyall 76
16. W66 Ben Norman 74
17. W11 Matthew Iwanow 74
18. W95 Lachlan Dellar 74
19. W100 Linton Dickerson 68
20. W21 Evan Wakefield 68
21. S132 Andy Maxwell Jnr 67
22. W15 Wayne Thomson 67
23. WA69 Paul Joss 66
24. W3 Trent Lyall 62
25. W85 Warren Oldfield 62
26. W20 Clinton Waldron 62
27. W26 David Padmore 62
28. W88 Peter Dowie 59
29. W39 Zane Humphrys 59
30. W68 Justin Hurst 57
31. WA9 Kayne Dellar 56
32. WB12 Paul Briggs 56
33. W74 Lenny Bates 55
34. W10 Damon Thomson 55
35. WA16 Jack Barnewall 53
36. WA31 Cody Avins 53
37. NT5 Justin Brumfield 50
38. WA6 Brinley McGaffin 50
39. W44 Peter Herbert 50
40. W35 Craig Clayton 48
41. W110 Clayton Blee 47
42. W616 Jamie Goodwin 46
43. WB24 Jake Williams 46
44. W72 Russell Gunn 45
45. V61 Matt Nelson 43
46. S72 Kye Richardson 43
47. W00 Hamish Macalpine 41
48. W81 Peter Walker 41
49. W17 Aaron Sutton 40
50. W99 Kyran Bridges 40
51. NT15 Jack Yates 37
52. WB19 Stevie O’Dowd 37
53. WA19 Josh Stewart 36
54. WB26 Ashton McClintock 36
55. W55 Jace Kempton 35
56. W86 Bradley Oldfield 34
57. WA23 Matt Lowe 34
58. W104 Donna Vanzetti 33
59. WB23 Steve Griffiths 32
60. WA10 David Fall 31
61. W56 Ethan Cooper 31
62. W94 Robert Dunbar 30
63. W91 Brett South 30
64. WA3 Gavin Minty 29
65. WA99 James Hunt 29
66. W19 Steve Rodley 28
67. W47 Curtis Harris 28
68. V15 Ricky Cornwall 28
69. WB16 Clint Hadley 27
70. S5 Sam Brumfield 27
71. WA44 Tim Pratt 26
72. WA2 Marty Kelly 26
73. WA81 Damian Amato 25
74. W16 Colin Metcalfe 25
75. WA12 Ryan Penfold 25
76. V22 Matthew Brooks 25
77. W411 Reece Jones 25
78. W24 James Lawton 25
79. W12 Gary Blee 25
80. W57 Wayne Fairbrass 23
81. NT92 Lucas Fry 23
82. W84 Brooke Oldfield 22
83. W83 Stefani Ameduri 22
84. W118 Jack Favero 21
85. W14 Lance Beaver 20
86. V12 Ellen Vagg 20
87. W31 Shane Mackenzie 20
88. WB7 Joshua Aspinall 20
89. Q99 Peter Thompson 20
90. W25 Bradley Roberts 19
91. WC19 David Linthorne 18
92. S112 Drew Flatman 17
93. W52 Shay Roberts 17
94. WA11 Alex Williams 16
95. W65 Christian Williams 16
96. W23 Dylan Parkes 15
97. WA26 Brendan Fagan 15
98. W24 Tim Matthews 14
99. W71 Scott Hunter 14
100. W172 Jim McGorman 14
101. WB31 Tristan Stroet 14
102. W51 Justin Melhuish 14
103. WA20 Luke Cutmore 14
104. W7 Josh Martinelli 13
105. W69 Tyron Hall 9
106. V55 AJ Lawrence 7
107. W18 Daniel Stanley 7
108. W82 Dale Roberts 7
109. WC23 Jamie Simmonds 5
110. W109 Brendan Vanzetti 5
111. W40 Andrew Norton 4
112. WA0 Gaje Price 3
113. WA91 Dale Cockman 3

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