by | Sep 25, 2021 | SSA Street Stocks, WA

Image by Peter Roebuck

After the first day of racing at the Allwest Plant Hire Ellenbrook Speedway it was Anthony Beare who not only leads the points after day one, but also claimed the preliminary feature in the Brian Rose Memorial for SSA Street Stocks.

Beare was all class throughout the day as he claimed two heat wins and a third to sit atop the points tree with 95 points, ahead of local favourite Jamie Oldfield who claimed a win, a second and a third in his preliminary races.

Northern Territory Champion Justin Brumfield is third with 77 points, tied with South Aussie Steve Gartner in fourth while Cody Avins rounds out the top five on 69 points, tied with another local in Ben Norman who is sixth.

Drivers also had the chance to participate in a preliminary final to round out the day, with no points on the line.

Beare and Oldfield would share the front row and as the twenty-lap preliminary feature race went green Beare grabbed the lead followed by Oldfield who was running on the lowline.Beare broke away quickly, while Oldfield would have a three wide attack to fend off, with Gartner, Ben Norman and Brumfield three wide on his tail.

Eventually Gartner was able to clear the others, Brumfield locking in behind him, while Gordon Wyatt snuck past Norman for fifth.

Just past halfway distance Oldfield began to close the gap on Beare but it was too little too late as Beare raced away to a solid win ahead of Oldfield and Gartner.

In other SSA action, Josh Fraser survived a green, white, chequer restart to complete a day of dominance in the SSA Production Sedans, defeating Jayden McCuish and Brenden Higgs.

Jesse James Samuels would claim the win in the New Stars while Kayne Dellar was victorious in the Top Stars.

Action resumes again tomorrow with events for SSA Production Sedans and SSA Junior Sedans, as well as the final day of the Brian Rose Memorial for SSA Street Stocks.

The event begins at 11am, with live coverage available via Ash Media.

Points After Day One

1. S46 Anthony Beare 95

2. WA1 Jamie Oldfield 87

3. NT1 Justin Brumfield 77

4. S32 Steve Gartner 77

5. W31 Cody Avins 69

6. W66 Ben Norman 69

7. W3 Gavin Minty 64

8. W91 Dale Cockman 54

9. W6 Hayden Norman 54

10. W95 Gordon Wyatt 53

11. W13 Trent Lyall 51

12. W74 Lenny Bates 50

13. W69 Paul Joss 48

14. W183 Daniel Ameduri 44

15. W35 Craig Clayton 44

16. W10 Damon Thomson 42

17. W72 Paul Briggs 39

18. W7 Josh Martinelli 34

19. W21 Evan Wakefield 33

20. W121 Jamie Goodwin 31

21. W26 David Padmore 29

22. W2 Marty Kelly 28

23. W12 Ryan Penfold 27

24. W88 Chris Lowe 23

25. W83 Stefani Ameduri 22

26. W4 Jake Williams 18

27. W100 Linton Dickerson 17

28. W81 Peter Walker 15

29. W87 Bradley Brennan 13

30. W609 Josh Stewart 13

31. W195 Lachlan Dellar 12

32. W18 Bodie Sims 11

33. W68 Justin Hurst 10

34. W37 Barney Makene 9

35. W24 James Lawton 8

36. W51 Justin Melhuish 8

37. W84 Brooke Oldfield 7

38. W314 Sean Puttick 7

39. W17 Stewart Parris 6

40. W65 Keith Fitzgerald 6

41. W77 Daniel Sutton 4

42. W11 Neil Fraser 2

43. W5 Gaje Price 1