Beare Is King…. Again!

by | Nov 19, 2018 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Anthony Beare has won the Street Stock King of the Mount at the Redline Raceway on Saturday night, in an amazing spectacle, with just one stoppage throughout the 50 lap event.

For Beare it is not his first win in the prestigious event, but with heavy traffic, the win was not always in the bag despite a handy winning margin at the end of the grueling 50 laps.

Matt Nelson and Beare would start on the front row for the A Main, with the highly experienced Mick Dann and Brad McClure on row two, while Mark Jennings and Jamie Lock will fill the third row.

Nelson would lead early from Beare, with McClure moving into third and Jennings fourth. Scott Purdie, after winning the B Main be a decisive margin, would be the first retiree in the A Main, lasting for laps and would soon be joined by Corey Sandow on lap seven, which coincided with the one and only stoppage of the race.

Beare pounced at this point, taking the lead, a lead he held for the next forty three laps.

Other decisive moves came from Jason DeGoldi on lap seventeen, moving to third place after starting from position seven. He chased Nelson for the majority of the race, with Nelson holding second by a car length.

Mark Jennings and Jamie Lock would be the only other drivers to remain on the lead lap after forty three laps of consecutive racing. Mick Dann recovered after a rough start, dropping to eleventh before finishing in sixth place.

In an amazing spectacle only four drivers failed to finish, but it was Anthony Beare who prevailed, winning his first main event of the season.

Official Results
B Main, 12 laps: 1. RDL38 Scott Purdie, 2. DDA6 Peter Bryant, 3. AX89 Andrew Jordan, 4. BGO42 Robert Lock, 5. B61 Dale Blomeley, 6. G23 Mitch Viney, 7. RDL11 Leigh Gooding, 8. RDL68 Kayla Know, 9. S86 Bailey Heinrich, 10. W77 Melissa Crutchley (11). DNF: C66 Belinda McCoubrie (7), HA13 Ben Barker (5), RDL13 Andrew Burgoyne (1). DQ: AX74 Lenny Bates, AX81 Dylan Campton. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 3.576. Fastest Lap: 17.632 RDL38 Scott Purdie.

A Main, 50 laps: 1. S46 Anthony Beare, 2. AX61 Matt Nelson, 3. RDL27 Jason De Goldi, 4. S21 Mark Jennings, 5. BGO43 Jamie Lock, 6. S129 Mick Dann (49), 7. RDL24 Brad McClure (49), 8. S32 Steve Gartner (49), 9. S87 Jayden Edwards (49), 10. B61 Dale Blomeley (49), 11. S25 Mark Gartner (49), 12. N11 Rhys Heinrich (49), 13. DDA6 Peter Bryant (49), 14. BGO42 Robert Lock (48), 15. G23 Mitch Viney (48), 16. B23 Shaun Henry (48). DNF: RDL41 Darren Forrest (39), C83 David Barrie (30), AX89 Andrew Jordan (13), MDA29 Corey Sandow (7), RDL38 Scott Purdie (4). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 6.698. Fastest Lap: 17.439 N11 Rhys Heinrich.