Beare In Good Shape To Defend Title

by | Mar 11, 2019 | Latest News

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

National Champion, Anthony Beare is the over-night leader of the Speedway Sedans Australia, Mental Racewear, National Street Stock Title at the B&S Earthworks, Timmis Speedway, Mildura.

Beare was the only driver to win all three of his qualifying heats, on an opening night which had everything, with some great racing, two rollovers, eight disqualifications and extremely demanding track conditions.

The opening round of heats were dominated more so by the disqualifications than the racing, with six drivers, including three who won heats, disqualified for not having the correct safety apparel, when being checked in post-race checks. After the opening round, the only other two drivers who were excluded were for on-track incidents.

The opening heat would be won by Mick Clark who started from position eight, defeating Dale Morrison, who made plenty of moves throughout the twelve laps, while Carey Weston was third.

Heat two would see Philip Watson hit the fence in turn four while in second place on lap six. Tasmanian Champion, Nathan Russell held a commanding lead until the stoppage, and was able to hold off Dylan Campton and Eugene Bennett after the re-start.

Jamie Oldfield and Steven Harvey were having a strong tussle for the lead in heat three, until Oldfield sustained a flat tyre. Harvey was then joined by Troy Russell in the concluding stages, as the two Tasmanians fought out a thrilling finish, with Harvey taking the win by 0.118, while South Australian Neville Nitschke was a distant third.

A great three way battle for the lead highlighted heat four, with Dean Jenkins, Ethan Genev and Bailey Heinrich all fighting for the lead. Jenkins would go on to win the race, but would be disqualified on his return to the Pits in post race checks, handing the win to Mick Dann who started from the back of the field. Bailey Heinrich and Hayden Norman would be elevated to second and third places.

Jamie Lock and Jace Kempton had a great tussle for the lead in heat five but when Mitch Viney hit the fence on the last lap, a green, white, chequered flag finish was ordered. Kempton retired with over-heating issues, leaving Jamie Lock to defeat Travis Hutchison and Matthew Atkinson officially third, despite having an ailing car.

Atkinson was elevated to third at the expense of Jared Wilkinson who was relegated and Peter Bryant who was disqualified.

Only half of the twelve car field would make it to the finish of heat six, with Andy Maxwell Jnr sent to the rear of the field after he stopped on the front straight on lap two. Justin Brumfield would retire with fuel problems. Hamish Macalpine and Anthony Beare were having a good battle for the lead, but Macalpine spun on turn two, bringing on the yellows. Later in the race, Morris Ahearns engine stalled exiting turn two, leaving Maxwell Jnr and Macalpine no where to go, both slamming into Ahearn. Beare would eventually account for Corey Bauld and Jaidyn Dredge.

Darren Forrest would have a close win in heat seven over Shane Roycroft and Rhys Heinrich, however Forrest would fall foul of the officials after the race and would be disqualified, for wrong safety attire. Queenslands Nathan Barbeler would be elevated to third.
Heat eight would go the distance, with Nigel Reichstein leading home fellow South Australians Paul Hayes and Cade Cox. This would be the result after original winner Jack Barnewall was disqualified for the same reason as Forrest the heat previous.

Matt Nelson would have a comfortable win in heat nine after starting from position seven. Mark Jennings, the 1995 National Champion would finish second after starting from position ten, while Tasmanian Brendon Green would finish third.

Ricky Throckmorton and Davie Barrie swapped the lead position numerous times in the concluding stages, with Throckmorton winning by a car length with Barry second and Jayden Blomeley third.

Brad McClure and Corey Sandow swapped the lead five times throughout heat eleven, with McClure coming out on top, eventually winning by two car lengths with Stuey Robinson third.

A full track grade prior to the second round, saw Nathan Russell win his second heat of the National Title after starting from position five. After a good battle for the lead, Jason Oldfield lost touch in the concluding stages to finish second, with Mat Crawford third.

Heat thirteen would run flag to flag, with Lenny Bates taking the lead on lap three, and was never headed. Bailey Heinrich and Travis Hutchison would fill the minor placings.

Michael Clark and Troy Russell had a sensational battle for the lead in heat fourteen, with Clark winning by 0.704. Tasmanian, Steven Harvey finished along way back in third place.

The West Australian contingent finally had something to smile about in heat fifteen, with Jace Kempton downing Hayden Norman and Paul Briggs. Briggs who was second for the majority of the race would be passed on the last lap by Norman.

Despite starting of the fourth row, it only took Anthony Beare five laps to hit the front in heat sixteen. This was after Jamie Oldfield retired from the race, with his second flat tyre in as many races. Morris Ahearn who should plenty of car speed chased hard, but eventually he would succumb as well and would finish sixth. Dylant Campton and Jason DeGoldi would fill the minor placings.

Seven Tasmanians were all in heat seventeen, with Hamish Macalpine causing two stoppages and was subsequently disqualified. Matt Hammond would take a narrow win, defeating Corey Bauld, while South Australian Bryan Brown would be the only non Tasmanian to finish.

Robbie Faux would lead heat eighteen, but it was short lived when he suffered a flat tyre and would be sent infield. West Australian Champion Jack Barnewall came from the back row to win, defeating David Barrie and Nigel Reichstein.

Daniel Drewett would record one of the biggest winning margins of the night in heat nineteen, easily accounting for Stuey Robinson and Craig Buchanan.

Aaron Bunton would be an early casualty in heat twenty when he rode the back straight wall. Mark Jennings and Matt Nelson swapped the lead numerous times, with Jennings getting home first with Nelson second and Darren Giacometti third.

In one of the best finishes of the night, Shane Roycroft, AJ Lawrence and Evan Wakefield had a terrific battle for the lead, ultimately all three crossed the line within 0.821 of each other. Roycroft wold hold off both Wakefield and AJ Lawrence.

Brad McClure wasted no time hitting the front in heat twenty two, and once he did he drove right away from Jason Duell and Chris Whatmore.

Final round victories to Beare, Morris Ahearn, Mick Dann and Jamie Lock led up to the first of two rollovers, with Ethan Genev taking a ride on the wild side in heat twenty six. Genev was unharmed and vowed to have the car read to race on night two.

Jamie Oldfield finally had something to smile about when he won heat twenty seven, downing Hayden Norman and Bailey Heinrich.

Robert Trapp had a handy lead in heat twenty eight, but a flat tyre had the Queensland Champion watching the concluding stages on the grass. Troy Russell from Tasmania, who started from the fourth row was too good, easily accounting for Darryl Atkinson and Leigh Gooding.

Andrew Norton brought on the red lights in heat twenty nine after the West Australian found himself going in the wrong direction, eventually rolling over. Meanwhile in a great finish, Rhys Heinrich passed both Stuey Robinson and Jayden Edwards in the main straight on the outside to win.

AJ Lawrence would win heat thirty after going up on two wheels in turn four. Jason Faux and Evan Wakefield would fill the minor placings.

David Barrie made the most of his front row stat to win heat thirty one. Jack Barnewall made great progress through the field until he succumbed with a flay tyre, elevating Corey Sandow and Heath Thorne to second and third respectively.

Shaun McClure lost his bonnet at the start of the penultimate heat of the night, forcing the Mildura resident to be disqualified. Daniel Drewett would be successful for the second time easily accounting for the Jason Duell and Matt Nelson.

The final heat went without incident, with Jayden Blomeley and Mark Jennings produced a classic race, worthy of staying to the very end. Jennings and Blomeley literally crossed the line together with Kasey Staker third.

Photo courtesy of Solid Rock Photography