Beare Creates More History

by | May 5, 2018 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Anthony Beare has won the New South Wales Street Stock Title at the Brobenah Speedway, Leeton, on Saturday night, and in the process broke more history.

In winning his 24th State Title, which is a record in itself, he becomes the first driver across any category in Speedway to win a State Title in every State and the Northern Territory.

On one of the longest tracks in Australia, Beare and Jacob Mills would start on the front row for the third running of the NSW Street Stock Title.

Beare immediately took the lead, holding off the constant early challenges from Mills, while Darryl Atkinson and Lenny Bates sit third and fourth.

Mills would take the lead off of Beare on lap five, only to have Beare take it back again, one lap later.

Beare would start to slowly create a lead over Mills, while Atkinson was still in third, while Brad McClure had moved into fourth place.

The race would go without a stoppage, with Beare winning convincingly over Mills, Atkinson and McClure, with Bates and Jason DeGoldi filling the top six places.

For Beare, it has been a massive year, yet again, reclaiming the National Title and the South Australian Title, and now adding the final piece of the National puzzle, his first New South Wales Title.

Anthony Beare

5 National Titles (one in Production Sedans), 9 South Australian Titles, 5 Victorian Titles, 4 Western Australian Titles, 3 Northern Territory Titles, 1 Tasmanian Title, 1 Queensland Title, 1 New South Wales Title.

A Main, 20 Laps: 1. S46 Anthony Beare, 2. L11 Jacob Mills, 3. RDL37 Darryl Atkinson, 4. RDL24 Brad McClure, 5. RDL27 Jason DeGoldi, 6. AX74 Lenny Bates, 7. RD11 Leigh Gooding, 8. RD41 Darren Forrest, 9. S38 Mark Gartner, 10. GV82 Shane Roycroft, 11. ACT3 Colin Peadon (19 laps), 12. AX89 Andrew Jordan (19), 13. RDL13 Andrew Burgoyne (19), 14. S21 Mark Jennings (14), 15. BD17 Jamie Curtis (14), 16. N1 Peter Thompson (0). DNS: L88 Ricky Bright. Time: 9.37.211, Winning Margin: 4.669, Fastest Lap: 28.397 S46 Anthony Beare

Above Photo courtesy of Scott McIntosh (File Photo)