Bauld Leads Banjo Bakery Series, Next Round Saturday

by | Jan 4, 2019 | Latest News

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Round seven of the Banjos Bakery Street Stock Series heads to the Solo, Hobart Speedway, this Saturday, with another quality field entered.

Corey Bauld leads the series, and is yet to play his joker, so in reality his lead is greater than the 59 point lead he currently holds.

Despite only having the one Feature Race win, Bauld has been incredibly consistent, and may play his joker this Saturday.

Steve Harvey and Dale Riley Jnr who are second and third in the series are also entered, and will need to beat Bauld to ensure they remain in touch in the second half of the series.

The field also includes Ben Riley, Corey Jetson and Luke Williams. Racing is scheduled to commence at 6.00pm EDST

Nominations : 23
T4 Steven Harvey
T6 Bec Hammond
T7 Corey Jetson
T9 Luke Williams
T11 Matt Crawford
T23 Nathan Russell
T24 Ben Riley
T28 Dale Riley Jnr
T31 Ross Garth
T34 Ian McGuinness
T39 Shaun Atkinson
T44 John Riley
T46 Brendon Green
T48 Robbie Fisher
T55 Nick Anderson
T57 Brad Thompson
T61 Jarrod Beasley
T71 Brodie Poole
T77 Corey Bauld
T92 Steve Russell
T97 Brock Inches
T98 David Summers
T110 Terry Hammond

Current Points After Round Six

1 T77 Corey Bauld 661
2 T4 Steven Harvey* 602
3 T28 Dale Riley Jnr 532
4 T24 Ben Riley 477
5 T7 Corey Jetson 275
6 T33 Brad Farrell* 250
7 T11 Matt Hammond 243
8 T9 Luke Williams 239
9 T72 Steven Pyne 224
10 T44 John Riley 217
11 T2 Jarrod Rogers 208
12 T110 Terry Hammond* 185
13 T5 Troy Russell 183
14 T46 Brendon Green 182
15 T23 Nathan Russell 182
16 T55 Nick Anderson 178
17 T78 Matt Crawford 155
18 T57 Brad Thompson* 128
19 T98 David Summers 116
20 T85 Brett Henri 108

*Played Joker