Barry Rose Wins State Production Sedan Title

by | Jan 27, 2018 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Barry Rose has won the Speedway Sedans WA, West Australian Production Sedan Title at the Make Smoking History Collie Speedway on Saturday night, leading all the way in an exciting 35 lap main event.

Rose would defeat Kyle Sayer and Wayne Leviston in an enthralling race which had many stoppages, with half the field failing to complete the gruelling event.

The start of the race took three attempts to get a lap completed with Matt Prunster spinning on the back straight resulting in the first stoppage. The second stoppage was more significant with three cars stuck together in turn two. Paul Stevens, Darren Nelson and Leon Wood would all be wedged together, which resulted in Darren Nelson retiring without completing a lap.

Rose would get the best of the start on the third start as the first lap was finally completed with Rickie Nuccini and Sayer not giving the Sigma of Rose one inch.

The third stoppage occurred on lap five with Ron Belfield and Rick Musarra made contact, leaving Musarra on the infield in the main straight. Belfield was deemed the cause and sent to the rear of the field.

Rose, Nuccini and Sayer would again be inseparable as the race resumed, with Sayer moving to second on lap six, which also saw former National Champion Drew Ogle make his move, deposing Nuccini who dropped to fourth.

A further stoppage occurred on lap nine when Jayke Malcolm, the youngest driver in the field retired when the car caught on fire. Malcolm drove incredibly well, coming from the C Main to make the A Main at his first attempt.

A lap later, Kane McDiarmid who was in the lead pack retired with a flat tyre, as the race finally found a rythym.

Rose would continue to be hounded by Sayer and Ogle, with the trio opening a gap on the opposition. Rickie Nuccinis great run in the title ended on lap nineteen as Tim Green started to make his move.

With fifteen laps remaining, Rose led Sayer by 0.220 with Drew Ogle starting to drop off the pace, as Wayne Leviston and Tm Green were embroiled in a great battle for fourth.

The defending Champion would eventually succumb on lap twenty three as Wayne Leviston moved to third and Green to fourth as race entered the final ten laps.

With nine laps remaining the final stoppage would occur when Frank Does spun in turn four.

Rose started to open a gap on Sayer in the concluding stages after the pair had been practically run bumper to bumper, as the race entered the final five laps.

Rose would hold his nerve in the concluding stages, winning his first State Title by 0.820, while Sayer who was gallant in defeat finished second for the second time in four years. Wayne Leviston would finish third, two seconds behind Sayer to finish on the podium for the first time, with Tim Green fourth, just ahead of Rick Musarra and Daren Currell who completed the top six.

Rose admitted to being nervous in the concluding stages, and conceded he did not see the chequered flag in what was a very popular win, in front of a very large crowd at the Collie venue.

A Main, 35 Laps: 1. W181 Barry Rose, 2. W95 Kyle Sayer, 3. W86 Wayne Leviston, 4. W10 Tim Green, 5. W21 Rick Musarra, 6. W83 Daren Currell, 7. W54 Graeme Rafferty, 8. W3 Frank Does, 9. W6 Paul Stevens, 10. W5 Matt Prunster. DNF: 11. W95 Damon Gherardi (28 laps), 12. W96 Jack McAuley (25), 13. W1 Drew Ogle (23), 14. W53 Leon Wood (20), 15. W41 Rickie Nuccini (19), 16. W22 Jamie Graham (12), 17. W61 Ron Belfield (12), 18. W31 Kane McDiarmid (11), 19. W115 Jayke Malcolm (9), 20. W25 Darren Nelson (0). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 0.820, Fastest Lap: 20.658 W181 Barry Rose

Barry Rose all smiles after winning the State Title.