by | May 2, 2021 | SSA Street Stocks, VIC

Image by Rock Solid Productions

David Barrie has made a brilliant outside pass in the final stages of the fifty lap King of the Mount event at Redline Raceway located just outside Ballarat in Victoria last night.

Queensland champion Matt Nelson battled for supremacy with Morris Ahearn for much of the race before Ahearn’s run come to an end of lap thirty three.

Just eight cars completed the arduous journey as local Dean Jenkins rounded out the podium behind Barrie and Nelson.

Official Result

A MAIN, Fifty Laps- 1. C83 David Barrie, 2. QLD1 Matt Nelson, 3. RDL4 Dean Jenkins, 4. RDL27 Jason Degoldi, 5. AX94 Tyler Barton, 6. W65 Felicity Royroft, 7. L11 Shane Ardley (49), 8. T110 Terry Hammond (49), DNF B61 Dale Blomeley (49), RDL24 Mitch Viney (41), W5 Steven Watts (34), M4 Morris Ahearn (33), W82 Shane Roycroft (33), SH52 Zoey Salau (32), N81 Chris Marino (26), B48 Mick Clark (24), B55 Aaron White (14), RDL73 Daniel Carter (11), AX36 Greg Parks (6), B62 Jayden Blomeley (3), RDL18 Scott Secombe (3)