Bailey Heinrich Wins MJS Series

by | Jun 7, 2020 | SA, SSA Street Stocks

Written by Kye Richardson from the MJS Street Stock Series

Well, season 13 of the MJS Tree and Stump Street Stock Series is now complete and firmly planted in the history and statistics books. It was another big season creating stories, action and some spectacular speedway sedan racing.

A solid crowd was in to view the 1st nights racing at the B&S Earthworks Timmis Speedway Mildura, thanks to WK Posi Track Hire, Elite Shock Services, Snap-on Gepps Cross, Fallon Transport and Tritech Lubricants, heat 1 was just the beginning with Jason Gantz getting his only series heat win for the season by under 0.1 of a second. Heat 2 was a similar affair with Robbie Faux holding of Anthony Beare to win, but again only just, on a heavy track. Rhys Heinrich was the first driver to gain a lead for the season as he won heat 3. Anthony Beare come out for heat 4 and went back to the pits with the win, heat 5 saw Mick Clark get the win on what was now a fast track, Steven Gartner was another to gain a heat winner Rockstar Energy drink as he won heat 6. The B-Main proved to be a race to watch during the night, the final 5 laps seeing great battles between drivers, including eventual B-Main winner Andrew Jordan in front of Jayden Blomeley, as well as 3rd place Aaron Tyler having his best drive to date, 4th home was this seasons most improved driver, thanks to All Suburbs Fencing, Paving & Retaining, Jason Gibbs aboard the VE Commodore. The A-Main was now go, with the big names off the front. One of them though, Steven Gartner would be the first to have a non finishing result in a final as he pulled infield shortly after the start. Fast, smooth driving was on display from that point on, the race reaching the 15 lap half way mark quickly. The MJS Series mid race direction change was completed and drivers got back underway for a short moment before Jason Duell had his left rear wheel depart the #18 car and bring the red lights on. Anthony Beare however, restarted strong, driving home to be victorious in round 1, 2nd Jayden Edwards, 3rd Nigel Reichstein being pushed across the line from 4th and 5th placegetters, Bailey Heinrich and Daniel Drewett.

Unfortunately, the scheduled round 2 at Renmarks Riverland Speedway was cancelled due to heat. Therefore, it was time to go way out west, to the Westline Speedway, Whyalla. Round 3 was all about the journeys getting to the track, as well as action on the track and in the pits. Thanks goes to our livestream operator and great series helper, Kandice, who survived the drive to Whyalla, listening to series commentator Kye Richo’s playlist along the way… Aaron Tyler however, was grateful to have Leah Parson’s come to the rescue after the Tyler motorsport tow car decided that it did not actually want to make it to Whyalla at all. Upon arrival, we caught up with local racer Adrian Jones who found speed and reliability aboard the FG Falcon until he walloped the wall in heat one, this would bring on the great sportsmanship in the speedway pits, with plenty of fellow crews and drivers helping the local hope to get back out on track later in the night. Carey Weston also featured on the Facebook livestream, for a catch up/ comedy special. Heat 1 and 2 saw the Heinrich duo win early, with MJS Street Stock Series winner, Bailey Heinrich getting his 1st of 7 heat wins for the series. Heat 3 and 4 saw Jayden Edwards happy, Bailey Heinrich ran up around the top of Nigel Reichstein to gain another heat win. The Heinrich duo took heat 5 and 6 wins also. The A-Main was all set to go, but with some spare time, we caught up and went live with Ben Whitehead and Keenan Richards who had whipped out the deck chairs as they discussed who would be piloting the #66 Commodore from the back of the field in the feature. The final saw a constant race but it all came down to the final few laps, Edwards, Rhys Heinrich, Bailey Heinrich, Nigel Reichstein were your main battle pack, Jason Gantz and Aaron Tyler, behind them. The win though was confirmed on the final lap, as Bailey Heinrich made the gap into the final corner, getting the win in front of Jayden Edwards, Rhys Heinrich, Nigel Reichstein and Jason Gantz.

Round 4 at the Tolmer Speedway Bordertown would unfortunately not be ran, therefore, it was off to the home of the Blue Lake, round 5 of the MJS Street Stock Series at the Borderline Speedway, Mount Gamiber, thanks to JTR Fabrications, National Karate, PMD Race Products, Gartner Transport and EB Graphics. It was set to be a big show, a sedan fan heaven ,as the MJS Series played support for the National Super Sedan Title. Night one was relatively smooth, being finished on track just after 9:30. The first few heats saw Bailey Heinrich, Steven Gartner and this sesaons best presented car and crew winner, thanks to JTR Fabrications, Nigel Reichstein get a heat win. Heat 4 and 5 saw the Heinrich brothers gain 2 more marks on the stats sheet, Anthony Beare folowed his rythym at Mildura, finishing 2nd in his 1st heat, but coming out to win in the 2nd round of heats. Heat 7,8 and 9 were the final cars on track for the night and the final heat winners for night 1 were, Mark Jennings, Reichstein and Beare. Night 2 , the vibe and hype was up, Haydon Jolly out of Nangwarry had arrived and gained attention after a heart transplant in the falcon till all hours of the miorning, saw the “old faithful” motor “sweating horsepower” with a tad of smoke. All attention however for Mark Jennings, Bailey Heinrich and Steven Gartenr was simply due to their strong start to the night, winning heats 10,11 and 12. Heat 13 proved lucky for some, like heat winner Nigel Reichstein who got away with no critical damage after getting caught up with Matthew Maynard on the back straight. Bradley Newlan would be gvien the unlucky part of heat 13. Caught up in the same incident, he gained the hard luck award of the night, after the VS Commodore driver gained frequent flyer points being the only one in the 2019/20 MJS Street Stock Series rollover club. Rhys Heinrich and Dylan Campton won heats 14 and 15. The final 3 heats of the weekend saw Jayden Edwards, Beare and Rhys Heinrich take wins back to the pits. The National Super Sedan title race was fantastic, but 1400 people on the Facebook livestream and the majority of the crowd on site did not budge when the final rolled out on track for round 5 of the MJS Street Stock Series. The first 15 laps were a lighting quick breeze, making it to the half way mark without issue. The 15 lap/half way direction chnage was complete, the race got back underway for a short moment before the one and only caution of the 30 lap journey, Haydon Jolly out of horsepower and coming to a stop. Once back underway though, the feature proved to be one of the best, cars gained momentum and ran well, the next highlight being the departure of Nigel Reichstein after clobbering the concrete and pulling infield. With only a few laps to go, it was Jennings, stuck behind the Heinrich sandwich with a Beare in the middle! Gaps formed, traffic played a part and once again, with just half a lap to go, Bailey Heinrich found the way through to win in front of brother Rhys, Anthony Beare home in 3rd, Mark Jennings 4th and Steven Gartner rounding out the top 5.

A week later, at the Murray Machining and Sheds Speedway Murray Bridge, it was time for the 6th and final round. The local riverfront, Sturt Reserve, had a few visitors to the static car display that was held pre-meeting. Heat one saw this years champion Bailey Heinrich get the win, making it his 7th for the series. Neville Nitschke, the riverland warrior, took out heat 2 thanks to The Hahndorf Old Mill, Rivercity Trailers and Metal Fabrication, Pole Position Entertainment Venue, Shingleback Wine and Kym Schubert Earthmoving. Heat 3 saw Sam Brumfield have a solid run, Nigel Reichstein won heat 4 thanks to Auto Pro Hahndorf, Mannum True Value Hardware, Chooks Custom Grafix, BBS Bins, McCue’s Bakery and Pickos Photos. The Feature was another fast event, with a mixture of smooth racing and door to door fibreglass wounding battles. This time thanks to Ridley’s Earthmoving, civil works and plumbing. Thanks also to Ryan Hutchenson Painting and Property Maitnence. The top 4 would eventuate to be Nigel Reichstein, Sam Brumfield, Jayden Edwards and Neville Nitschke.

And that was how the 2019/20 MJS Street Stock Series played out. 1 driver in the rollover club, 3 different feature winners, 13 different heat winners from 34 heats ran and plenty of excitement. A huge congratulations to all announced winners yesterday, especially your series champion, Bailey Heinrich! Nigel Reichstein 2nd for the 3rd time in the last 4 seasons, Jayden Edwards 3rd, Rhys Heinrich 4th and Nathan Thorne this seasons top 5.

Thanks go out again, to all series sponsors, Richard “Pastie” and Leah Parsons for the monumental effort you guys put in, aswell as Nigel, Adele, Chris and Noel Reichstein. Leah and Chris where two women on a mission with the raffle ticket sales! Thanks to Kandice Marsh and Stephen “Picko” Pickering for camera and media work. And of course, the drivers and crews who put in every week to be on track come the weekend to put on a show for our other biggest partner, speedway and speedway sedan fans.

Photo by Steve Rice