by | Jan 4, 2023 | SSA Super Sedans, VIC

Press Release by Luke Nichols

Twenty seven drivers representing six different states are set to light up Avalon Raceway this Saturday night for the annual K Rock Cup.

The field includes current and four time National Champion Matty Pascoe of Queensland, former three time National Champion Mick Nicola of Victoria, former two time National Champion Callum Harper of Tasmania, and former National Champion Steve Jordan of Queensland.

The field is buoyed by one of the biggest local turn outs for some time, with fifteen Victorians set for the event.

For a lot of drivers it will be their last opportunity for seat time before the big month of racing kicks off in Tasmania, and they will be looking to get their cars cherry ripe for the 2023 Tassie Tiger Super Sedan Trail.

K Rock CupNominations (27)

V0 Lucas Roberts

A1 Matty Pascoe

V1 Mick Nicola Jnr

V3 Mick Nicola Snr

W4 Lee Aylett

V9 Corey Ramsdale

Q10 Steve Jordan

V12 Darren Giacometti

V16 Ash Bergmeier

Q18 Brad Pascoe

S18 Dave Gartner

S22 Paul Blenkiron

T22 Callum Harper

V22 Jason Picone

N23 Andrew White

V24 Dave Mackenzie

Q26 Sean Black

V34 Jamie Collins

V41 Ben Faulkhead

V42 Ricky Ashmore

V46 Stephen Hodder

N47 Daryl Moon

N57 Tyson Moon

V71 Lionel West

V92 Jimmy Harris

Q98 Michael Hally

V99 Travis Ramsdale