by | Apr 5, 2021 | SSA Modified Sedans, VIC

Brock Atkins has raced home to win the Modified Sedan Murray Magic at Timmis Speedway in Mildura.

Atkins started off the fourth row but quickly got to the lead in the fifty lap feature race. Atkins railed the ‘cushion’ on a magically prepaid race track that put on an epic spectacle for the massive crowd that packed the venue. Aussie champ Kye Walters never let Atkins run away with the event and challenged for the lead at various stages. The drivers battled through lap traffic, but with multiple lanes right across the track, leaders were able to dispose of lap cars easily.

The first stoppage occurred on lap 40 when Martin Hawson expired and wasn’t able to get to the infield. The restart meant the field was able to close back up and as the green flag dropped Walters attempted a slide job for the lead with the yellow once again appeared when Michael Wicks ended up facing the wrong way on the main straight. The second restart saw Atkins once again bang the cushion and jump away to a narrow lead over Walters. By this stage Nathan Macdonald had worked his way to third and continued to battle fiercely with Jamie Lock, Todd Atkins and Max Clarke. The racing continued to be right across the track, seriously 4 cars wide on one of the closest race tracks in the country.

Brock Atkins raced home to win by 0.848 seconds ahead of Kye Walters, Nathan Macdonald, Todd Atkins and Jamie Lock rounding out the top five. Max Clarke finished sixth ahead of David Smith, Brody Chrystie, Darran Lester and Jarod Waters who made up the top ten.

A Main Results
1. Brock Atkins
2. Kye Walters
3. Nathan Macdonald
4. Todd Atkins
5. Jamie Lock
6. Max Clarke
7. David Smith
8. Brody Chrystie
9. Darran Lester
10. Jarod Waters
11. David Head
12. Aaron Bunton
13. Quinton Clarke
14. Cameron Dike
15. Jake Drewett
16. Michael Wicks
17. Martin Hawson
18. Shona Bent
19. Shane Macdonald
20. David Jacobi
21. Darcy Wilson
22. Taleah Dolic
23. Greg Stevenson
24. Daniel Drewett

Ryno’s notes:

This is now a seriously outstanding event. Mildura is a wonderful venue to visit at Easter time with so much to see and do. The weekend started with a show and shine in the middle of time with streets full of every type of motor vehicle or engine you can think off.

Mildura track is bada55. The work the club and so many people have done have turned it into one of the best in the country. Track prep was perfect with a massive cushion that allowed cars to race right to the fence.

Everyone should put this event on their must do events. I have a feeling that this event is going to become something very special for the Modified Sedan division and build very quickly into something special.

Everyone in the club couldn’t do enough for us during the entire weekend. Everyone went out of their way to ensure we had everything we need and made us feel very welcomed.

Finally, Thankyou to everyone that purchased Cush Clothing over the weekend. We sincerely appreciate the support and can’t wait to come back for next year.

And yes, there is still some Murray Magic stock remaining. We will have that on our website later in the week, once we get home for anyone that wants to purchase some or missed out on seeing us at the track over the weekend.

Thanks for an outstanding weekend Mildura, you guys should be proud of the world class event you out on.