Anthony Beare Wins Record Fifth National Title

by | Mar 12, 2019 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Anthony Beare has won a record fifth National Street Stock Title at the B&S Earthworks Timmis Speedway, when he won the Speedway Sedans Australia, Mental Racewear, National Street Stock Title on Sunday night.

Beare was too good, leading from lap three after Mark Jennings and Shane Roycroft swapped the lead in the early laps.

Roycroft would be the first to retire on lap six after sustaining a flat tyre and would soon be joined by Dylan Campton.

Mark Jennings was involved in a great battle for the minor placings including Troy Russell, David Barrie and Rhys Heinrich as they all chased Beare who had opened a handy lead.

The race would be brought under caution again, with the demise of Mark Jennings in turn four. Jamie Lock would also retire from the race while in sixth place at the same time with re-shuffled the lead group.

Beare continued to lead and drove away from the field again, as David Barrie was joined by Mick Dann and Heinrich. The battle for the minor placings was brilliant as it become apparent Anthony Beare was not going to be caught with only a mechanical issue going to stop the defending Champion from winning again.

Heinrich would lose a wheel in the back straight with ten laps remaining, and would be joined by Troy Russell as another retiree which again shuffled the placings behind Beare.

The race would just get back under way when a section of the track lights went out, resulting in a further stoppage. Drivers were happy to continue, and Beare would race away to his fifth title victory.

Mick Dann would hold on for second place, his third time as the runner-up in the event, while Darren Giacometti would be third, with Nigel Reichstein and Nathan Barbeler completing the podium, while David Barrie would be the final driver on the lead lap.

Earlier, the B Main was a destructive affair with most finishing on the infield. Darren Giacometti, Nathan Barbeler, Jason Duell and Brad McClure would advance to the main race after numerous late stoppages.

The C Main was a thrilling affair, which will also be remembered for a massive rollover involving Donald Irving at the end of the back straight. Jayden Blomeley would just hold off Jason DeGoldi in a thrilling finish with Corey Sandow missing out on transferring by the barest possible margin.

C Main, 19 Laps: 1. V18 Ricky Throckmorton, 2. V63 Jayden Blomeley, 3. V55 AJ Lawrence, 4. V22 Corey Sandow, 5. V27 Jason DeGoldi, 6. V37 Darryl Atkinson, 7. W91 Evan Wakefield, 8. V149 Chris Whatmore, 9. W122 Paul Briggs, 10. V31 Donald Irving, 11. V83 Scott Mason, 12. V103 Shaun Henry, 13. W51 Jamie Oldfield, 14. V61 Dale Blomeley, 15. W95 Jason Oldfield, 16. V38 Aaron Bunton, 17. V101 Leigh Gooding, 18. W69 Paul Joss
1. V63 Jayden Blomeley, 2. V27 Jason DeGoldi, 3. V22 Corey Sandow, 4. V103 Shaun Henry, 5. W91 Evan Wakefield, 6. V61 Dale Blomeley, 7. W122 Paul Briggs, 8. V101 Leigh Gooding. DNF: 0. V38 Aaron Bunton (16 laps), 10. W69 Paul Joss (16), 11. V83 Scott Mason (15), 12. V55 AJ Lawrence (12), 13. V18 Ricky Throckmorton (12), 14. W95 Jason Oldfield (10), 15. V149 Chris Whatmore (7), 16. V31 Donald Irving (2), 17. V37 Darryl Atkinson (1). DNS: W51 Jamie Oldfield. Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 1.633, Fastest Lap: 18.834 V27 Jason DeGoldi

B Main, 20 Laps: 1. V112 Darren Giacometti, 2. V24 Brad McClure, 3. S86 Bailey Heinrich, 4. T9 Steven Harvey, 5. S118 Jason Duell, 6. V66 Stuey Robinson, 7. V67 Corey Knox, 8. V131 Jaidyn Dredge, 9. V74 Lenny Bates, 10. T10 Matt Hammond, 11. T77 Corey Bauld, 12. Q8 Nathan Barbeler, 13. V89 Andrew Jordan, 14. S116 Bryan Brown, 15. S52 Heath Thorne, 16. W105 Jace Kempton, 17. V63 Jayden Blomeley, 18. V27 Jason DeGoldi
1. V112 Darren Giacometti, 2. Q8 Nathan Barbeler, 3. S118 Jason Duell, 4. V24 Brad McClure, 5. T77 Corey Bauld, 6. S86 Bailey Heinrich, 7. V66 Stuey Robinson, 8. V89 Andrew Jordan. DNF: 9. V27 Jason DeGoldi, 10. V63 Jayden Blomeley (9), 11. V131 Jaidyn Dredge (3), 12. S116 Bryan Brown (3), 13. V74 Lenny Bates (3), 14. W105 Jace Kempton (3), 15. V67 Corey Knox (2), 16. S52 Heath Thorne (2), 17. T9 Steven Harvey (0), 18. T10 Matt Hammond (0). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 0.940, Fastest Lap: 18.798 V112 Darren Giacometti

A Main, 40 Laps: 1. S46 Anthony Beare, 2. S121 Mark Jennings, 3. V48 Michael Clark, 4. S82 Shane Roycroft, 5. V84 David Barrie, 6. V64 Matt Nelson, 7. V129 Mick Dann, 8. V43 Jamie Lock, 9. V26 Daniel Drewett, 10. T151 Troy Russell, 11. W76 Hayden Norman, 12. N111 Rhys Heinrich, 13. S114 Nigel Reichstein, 14. V81 Dylan Campton, 15. T123 Nathan Russell, 16. Q78 Travis Hutchison, 17. V112 Darren Giacometti, 18. Q8 Nathan Barbeler, 19. S118 Jason Duell, 20. V24 Brad McClure.
1. S46 Anthony Beare, 2. V129 Mick Dann, 3. V112 Darren Giacometti, 4. S114 Nigel Reichstein, 5. Q8 Nathan Barbeler, 6. V84 David Barrie, 7. S118 Jason Duell (39), 8. T123 Nathan Russell (39), 9. V24 Brad McClure (39). DNF: V26 Daniel Drewett (34), W76 Hayden Norman (31), T151 Troy Russell (30), N111 Rhys Heinrich (30), Q78 Travis Hutchison (29), V64 Matt Nelson (29), V48 Michael Clark (21), V43 Jamie Lock (15), S121 Mark Jennings (15), V81 Dylan Campton (9), V82 Shane Roycroft (5). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 7.918. Fastest Lap: 18.543 S46 Anthony Beare.