ACT Speedway Lights Up Saturday Night

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Latest News

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

ACT Speedway will have one of its most anticipated events ever on Saturday night, when the lights light up the venue for the first time, as the venue has a trial night race meeting.

This is a huge step for us as we are normally forced to race in the daytime according to restrictions on our current lease with the ACT government/ Environmental Protection Agency, said venue President, Doc Bailey.

Whilst this trial has unknown factors as to the results of noise monitoring, crowd attendance and even track preparation, the hype surrounding it as far as potential crowd attendance and competitor entries is already overwhelming to our small club. A dream that our president at the time Steve Johnson and his brother Dean, along with some hard working club members and a whole heap of businesses and friends that were willing to put up their hands and help in whatever way they could, will at least get one chance at their dream, he continued.

A large field of Production Sedans and a small field of Super Sedans, are a part of more than 65 entries received.

A notable entry on the night will be the attendance of David House in the Production Sedan division. House will be driving a borrowed vehicle from Kerryn Bailey, which is a Ford BA Falcon that appeared in the Budget Direct Advert featuring Captain Risky. David finished third in the first ever National title for Super Sedans in the 71/72 season at Tralee Speedway in Canberra before winning his first National title the following year at Liverpool Speedway in NSW. Adding to his success David finished third again at Northern Speedway in Victoria in the73/74 season and went on to win again the following year claiming his second National title at Toowoomba in Queensland.

It will be fitting in some small way to see him still competing in not only speedway but Canberra all these years later, is a major coup for the venue.

Racing will commence at 4.00pm.

Production Sedans (17)
N3 Colin Peadon
N7 Scott McPherson
N8 Lindsay Foster
MOR9 Kiel Rosevear
ACT13 David House
ACT19 Monique Bailey
M21 Brian Dryburgh
G23 Damien McAlister
ACT24 James Hodak
B28 Dave Collins
N42 Brett Norman
G51 Brent Croker
ACT67 Mat DAnnunzio
ACT71 Sean Rabbitte
N91 Terry Mulach
M96 Shaun Mortlock
N101 Glen Corcoran

Photo: Brett Norman