by | Jan 1, 2023 | SSA Production Sedans

Press Release by DTN Media, Images by Team Carnage Media

Last night at the Tyrepower Manjimup Speedway was the final chance for SSA Production Sedans to have a hit out at the venue prior to their WA State Title at the end of January and the eleven cars on hand put on a show!

Former State Champion Drew Ogle, veteran driver Wayne Leviston and Albany based Stephen Pearce were the winners in the heat races, with Leviston qualifying on pole alongside local driver Shane Whild for the twenty-five lap feature race.

As the race went green it would be all Drew Ogle though, immediately racing from position three into a commanding lead as the others were simply left in his wake, Whild in second ahead of Leviston.

Ogle was out to a huge gap with around twenty laps complete, working his way through lapped traffic while well behind him Whild was running a lonely race in second as Trent Claybrook would fight his way from seventh on the grid to pass Leviston for third.

Unfortunately, with twenty-one laps complete it all came undone as a lapped car collided with Ogle as he went around the outside, seeing Ogle make heavy contact with the front straight wall and ending with a badly damaged machine.

Whild would inherit the lead on the restart, with Claybrook moving into second as he desperately tried to find a way through for the lead.

Claybrook looked inside and outside of Whild, but in the end the pressure became too much and he spun in the final corner, allowing Whild to go ahead and claim the win, with Leviston grabbing second place and Pearce racing by to grab a fine third place.

Also on the program were SSA Street Stocks with David Fall dominating, claiming all three heat races and the feature, while Jhy Pack and Thomas Host won the SSA Junior Sedan Top Star and New Star feature races respectively.

The SSA Production Sedan WA Title, proudly presented by Bendotti Exporters WA Chip, will be the next event at the venue, with practice starting on Thursday the 26th of January and nominations for the event now open.

SSA Production Sedans Feature, 25 laps: 1. W86 Wayne Leviston, 2. W2 Shane Whild, 3. W13 Drew Ogle, 4. W92 Shane Devonshire, 5. W75 Stephen Pearce, 6. W57 Kelsey Beard, 7. W21 Trent Claybrook, 8. W28 Michael Clark, 9. W26 Gemma Laidlaw, 10. W36 Mike Kinnear, 11. W73 Shaun Toye.RESULT1. W2 Shane Whild, 2. W86 Wayne Leviston, 3. W75 Stephen Pearce, 4. W73 Shaun Toye, 5. W21 Trent Claybrook, 6. W57 Kelsey Beard (24), 7. W36 Mike Kinnear (24). DNF: W13 Drew Ogle (21), W92 Shane Devonshire (25). DQ: W26 Gemma Laidlaw. DNS: W28 Michael Clark. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 2.203. Fastest Lap: 21.506 W21 Trent Claybrook.