by | Mar 4, 2024 | SSA Modified Sedans, WA

Press Release Courtesy of WA Modified Sedans.

Backing up his win last night, Clint Noakes was again the pick of the bunch yet again winning the revival of the South Coast Classic at Albany Speedway.

In what was a great sight for WA Modified Sedans, all 18 cars that started the night made the call for the final.

Noakes started from position three but still was able to take the win from Peter Fraser and Laurie Dowsett.

Fraser and Jarrod Rick would start off the front row as the unique format threw a different taste for Modified Sedans, but it did not take long for Clint Noakes to make his present felt.

The only major accident for the Classic happened on lap two, when Matt Noakes and Sam McAuley tangled leaving McAuley hitting the concrete wall and out of the event.

Fraser would lead again from Clint Noakes and Laurie Dowsett who also had a great start and hit the podium position as the top three broke away from the chasing field.

Noakes, who was beaten by Fraser in the second round of heat was able to find the upper hand to take the race lead near the midway point as the lapped traffic started to cause chaos to the leaders.

Meanwhile, while all this was happening, Matt Noakes and Laurie Dowsett continued to swap positions as the fight went on for the last spot on the podium.

In the last laps, Fraser closed in again for one last lung for the lead but it would not be enough and Noakes would get his second win in three starts this season.

Heat races on the night went to Fraser, Dowsett, Rick and Shane Brittian.


A Main, 25 Laps- 1. W3 Clint Noakes, 2. W0 Peter Fraser, 3. W14 Laurie Dowsett, 4. W20 Matt Noakes, 5. W15 Luke Fraser, 6. W6 Paul Stevens (24), 7. W51 Anthony King (24), 8. W27 Mike Kinnear (24), 9. W18 Adam Houston (23), 10. W17 Merv Penn (23), 11. W92 Shane Devonshire (23). DNF: W11 Marty Van Dongen (10), W31 Kevin Ellement (9), WA4 Lee Watt (8), W47 Jarrod Rick (7), W29 Sam McAuley (1), W4 Clinton Theyer (1), W88 Shane Brittain (0). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.430. Fastest Lap: 18.204 W20 Matt Noakes.