by | Sep 2, 2020 | SSA Junior Sedans, SSA Production Sedans, SSA Street Stocks, WA

Nearly Ninety Speedway Sedans Australia category cars will fill the Ellenbrook Speedway pit area this Sunday (Father’s Day).

The 2020 RDA Production Sedan Classic has attracted over forty entries with the field featuring some of the most highly credentialed drivers in the class in the West.

Barry Rose won the corresponding event in 2019 with the former state champion also looking to wrap up his eighth Four Crowns Series title this Sunday.

2010 National Champion Rod Musarra has won the RDA Classic on six previous occasions and will be hopeful of recapturing that form against a stout field.

The 2020 RDA Production Sedan Classic will serve as a great precursor to the 2019/2020 SSA Production Sedans WA State Title which will be held at the Make Smoking History Bunbury Speedway in just four weeks time.

Jamie Oldfield is scheduled to do double duty on the day jumping between a Holden Commodore in SSA Street Stocks and the Ford Falcon he used to win the 2018/2019 WA State Title at Ellenbrook.

A quality field of SSA Street Stocks will relish the opportunity to get plenty of laps in ahead of the 2020 East Pilbara Tyre Service Brian Rose Memorial which will be held over two days later this month.

Racing gets underway from 11am.


SSA Production Sedans (42)

WA1 Jamie Oldfield

0 Hamish Macalpine

2 Branden Fraser

3 Josh Fraser

5 Peter Huntjens

6 Hayden Norman

7 Terry Main

7 Mick Hamon

9 Ryan Mitchell

9 Allan Barrow

11 Ashley Baker

12 Rod Musarra

13 Brad Mitchell

16 Cody Blight

18 Lawson Mayes

19 Josh Stewart

21 Rick Musarra

22 Jamie Graham

23 Jayke Malcolm

25 Shaun Brewer

27 Jackson Derrick

31 Ethan Cooper

31 Kane McDiarmid

43 George Lanoue

51 Dale Cockman

55 Murray Cleasby

57 Kelsey Beard

61 Jake Blight

71 Kye Blight

77 Josh Macalpine

82 Trevor Craine-White

86 Wayne Leviston

88 Shane Brittain

89 Morgan Melvin

92 Ricky Williams

95 Kyle Sayer

99 Benny Curtin

112 Warren Flavel

114 Daniel Flavel

142 Ken Melvin

181 Barry Rose

616 David Francis

SSA Street Stocks (19

)WA1 Jamie Oldfield

2 Martin Kelly

3 Gavin Minty

6 Hayden Norman

12 Ryan Penfold

14 Ken Macpherson

20 Tyler De Maine

21 Evan Wakefield

22 Richard Wells

31 Cody Avins

35 Craig Clayton

39 Travis Southwell

51 Warren Oldfield

57 Rodney Passamani

63 Bryden Southwell

66 Ben Norman

77 Dan Sutton

83 Stefani Ameduri

104 Donna Vanzetti

SSA New Star Junior Sedans (16)

3 Joshua Wardley

8 Branden Purcell

21 Jayden Heelan

23 Summer Shore

24 Chloe Lawton

25 Alyvia Ferraro

26 Zakiya Costa

31 Jesse James Samuels

51 Kiastyn Oldfield

64 Makayla Hinsey

74 Locky Comley

83 Kai Leeson

121 Jack Tarandetti

138 Zach Munro

144 Luke Martin

211 Jimahli Mohammed Dom

SSA Top Star Junior Sedans (10)

A1 Mitchell Baker

13 Elysha Cooper

22 Dean Schofield

29 Deagan McNally

34 Amber Shore

40 Vince Lindsay

71 Olivia Earle

84 Beau Oldfield

87 Riley Hanson

121 Taj Vanzetti

Photos by Peter Roebuck