by | May 2, 2021 | QLD, SSA Junior Sedans

Gympie’s Aidan Rigby has driven a brilliant twenty five laps to claim victory in the 2020/2021 SSA Junior Sedan QLD State Title held at the Roma Speedway last night.

Rigby defeated Maryborough’s Kaine Richters and Jaiden Santin who hails from Lismore in Northern New South Wales in the A Main at a venue who was hosting a Speedway Sedans Queensland State Title for the first time in its history.

Fifty SSA Junior Sedans filled the pit area and with a fantastic online audience courtesy of the live stream by Ash Media, the stars of the future put a great display of Speedway Sedan racing.

Kaine Richters went through the heat race competition undefeated to qualify from pole position for the main event and would share the front row with Bundaberg’s Kurtis Peall.

Bodhi Russ, Bre Larsen and Jake Coomber all progressed from B Main One as Lismore’s Jacob Waller and Victorian’s Linken Paterson & Kiarna Barton moved through from B Main Two.

The first attempt at a start in the twenty five lap decider was quickly brought back due to a number of cars getting together further back in the field in turn one.

Racing in the early laps was ferocious as the leaders Peall and Richters banged wheels allowing Aidan Rigby the opportunity to hit the race lead as Jaiden Santin and Victorian Rhys Meakins worked their way into contention.

Bodhi Russ would come to a stop on lap three bringing the yellow lights on with suspension damage to the Daihatsu Charade.

Just a couple of laps later Bailey Payne would spin in front of the ACT55 Mitsubishi Lancer of Jack Murphy to bring about the third stoppage of the race.

Meakins and Kiarna Barton both retired during the stoppage with flat tyres as it soon became clear it was a race in three for the State Title on offer between Rigby, Richters and Santin as they moved away from the rest of the field.

As the race came to a thrilling climax Richters, Rigby and Santin raced three wide for the lead as Rigby got the better of the battle in the final laps to collect a maiden Queensland State Title victory.

Rigby crossed the line 1.901 seconds ahead of Kaine Richters, Jaiden Santin was third with Maryborough’s Jayden Hancock fourth ahead of the second of the Rigby brothers Joshua.

Braydon Steffens came from position thirteen to be sixth by the end of the twenty five laps, Jack Murphy was seventh from Kurtis Peall who nursed home a wounded car to finish eighth.

Lismore’s Jacob Waller came from the B Main to be ninth with Mildura’s Jackson Goldie rounding out the top ten.

The SSA Junior Sedans return to the Roma Speedway tonight to be apart of the support program for the QLD Modlite State Title with a Pay Per View Live Stream available at Ash Media.

Official Results of the 2020/2021 SSA Junior Sedan QLD State Title

Heat One, Eight Laps- 1. BB17 AJ Macdonald, 2. RK36 Sophie Montgomerie, 3. SB27 Hannah Christensen, 4. M27 Cooper Flynn (7), 5. V47 River Paterson (7), DQ BB68 Hamish Derrick, DNS SC21 Deagen Howard.

Heat Two, Eight Laps- 1. BB11 Kurtis Peall, 2. G8 Braydon Steffens, 3. V25 Jackson Goldie, 4. N17 Jaiden Santin, 5. C12 Brodie Hollyman, 6. ACT55 Jack Murphy, 7. N18 Sophie Santin, 8. SC3 Chloe Lebeter, 9. MB7 Jack Simmons, 10. R97 Kyle Moretto (7).

Heat Three, Eight Laps- 1. BB2 Billy Macdonald, 2. V85 Rhys Meakins, 3. B19 JJ Hamilton, 4. RK4 Braydon Storer, 5. V48 Linken Paterson, 6. C10 Bodhi Buss, 7. N28 Zac Brims, 8. MK27 Jack Menzies, 9. BB25 Abby Smith, 10. BB7 Coen Herwig (7).

Heat Four, Eight Laps- 1. N5 Jacob Waller, 2. SB33 Josh Ciesiolka, 3. G27 Joshua Rigby, 4. M7 Jayden Hancock, 5. CR12 Bailey Payne, 6. BW26 Bre Larsen, 7. GL21 Jake Coomber, 8. V19 Kiarna Barton, 9. RK114 Braith Thomas, 10. N23 Harry Fowler.

Heat Five, Eight Laps- 1. M32 Kaine Richters, 2. G65 Aidan Rigby, 3. BB81 Mitchell Wogandt, 4. M17 Cooper Reid, 5. CR7 Em Whell, 6. R23 Brodie Shepherd, 7. C11 Brock Lewis, 8. RK15 Joshua Hoffman, 9. R68 Shae Taylor, 10. RK67 Edith Pearce.

Heat Six, Eight Laps- 1, G27 Joshua Rigby, 2. M17 Cooper Reid, 3. SB33 Josh Ciesiolka, 4. BW26 Bre Larsen, 5. C12 Brodie Hollyman, 6. N23 Harry Fowler, 7. G8 Braydon Steffens, 8. SB27 Hannah Christensen, 9. N5 Jacob Waller, DNS MB7 Jack Simmons.

Heat Seven, Eight Laps- 1. M32 Kaine RIchters, 2. BB81 Mitchell Wogandt, 3. CR7 Em Whell, 4. N18 Sophie Santin, 5. V19 Kiarna Barton, 6. BB68 Hamish Derrick, 7. SC21 Deagen Howard (7), 8. M27 Cooper Reid (7), 9. N29 Zac Brims (6), DNF BB2 Billy Macdonald (2).

Heat Eight, Eight Laps- 1. N17 Jaiden Santin, 2. B19 JJ Hamilton, 3. ACT55 Jack Murphy, 4. MK27 Jack Menzies, 5. RK15 Joshua Hoffman, 6. R68 Shae Taylor, 7. RK67 Edith Pearce (7), 8. R97 Kyle Moretto (7), DNF SC3 Chloe Lebeter (1), DQ RK4 Braydon Storer.

Heat Nine, Eight Laps- 1. CR12 Bailey Payne, 2. M7 Jayden Hancock, 3. C10 Bodhi Russ, 4. RK114 Braith Thomas, 5. GL21 Jake Coomber, 6. R23 Brodie Shepherd, 7. C11 Brock Lewis, 8. V48 Linken Paterson, DNS C44 Sam James.

Heat Ten, Eight Laps- 1. BB11 Kurtis Peall, 2. G65 Aidan Rigby, 3. V85 Rhys Meakins, 4. BB17 AJ Macdonald, 5. V25 Jackson Goldie, 6. BB25 Abby Smith, 7. BB7 Coen Herwig (7), 8. DNS N66 Jackson Brims, V47 River Paterson.

Heat Eleven, Eight Laps- 1. C12 Brodie Hollyman, 2. V85 Rhys Meakins, 3. B19 JJ Hamilton, 4. V19 Kiarna Barton, 5. GL21 Jake Coomber, DNF RK4 Braydon Storer (4), BB68 Hamish Derrick (4), N23 Harry Fowler (1), DNS RK67 Edith Pearce, MB7 Jack Simmons.

Heat Twelve, Eight Laps- 1. CR19 Bailey Payne, 2. G8 Braydon Steffens, 3. M17 Cooper Reid, 4. N17 Jaiden Santin, 5. SC3 Chloe Lebeter, 6. BB81 Mitchell Wogandt, 7. C11 Brock Lewis, DNS RK36 Sophie Montgomerie, RK43 Reilly Storer, V47 River Paterson.

Heat Thirteen, Eight Laps- 1. ACT55 Jack Murphy, 2. BB11 Kurtis Peall, 3. V48 Linken Paterson, 4. BB17 AJ Macdonald, 5. SB33 Josh Ciesiolka, 6. R23 Brodie Shepherd, 7. SB27 Hannah Christensen, 8. R97 Kyle Moretto (7), DNF R68 Shae Taylor (5), RK114 Braith Thomas (1).

Heat Fourteen, Eight Laps- 1. M32 Kaine Richters, 2. CR7 Em Whell, 3. M7 Jayden Hancock, 4. N18 Sophie Santin, 5. C10 Bodhi Russ, 6. BB7 Coen Herwig, 7. MK27 Jack Menzies, DNS N66 Jackson Brims, BB2 Billy Macdonald.

Heat Fifteen, Eight Laps- 1. G65 Aidan Rigby, 2. V25 Jackson Goldie, 3. BW26 Bre Larsen, 4. M27 Cooper Flynn, 5. BB25 Abby Smith, 6. SC21 Deagan Howard, 7. N29 Zac Brims, DNF G27 Joshua Rigby (4), N5 Jacob Waller (4), DNS C44 Sam James.

The Final Point Score 1. M32 Kaine Richters 108

2. BB11 Kurtis Peall 100

3. G65 Aidan Rigby 92

4. CR12 Bailey Payne 85

5. V85 Rhys Meakins 79

6. B19 JJ Hamilton 74

7. N17 Jaiden Santin 70

8. BB17 AJ Macdonald 70

9. ACT55 Jack Murphy 69

10. M7 Jayden Hancock 68

11. M17 Cooper Reid 68

12. G27 Joshua Rigby 65

13. G8 Braydon Steffens 64

14. SB33 Josh Ciesiolka 64

15. V25 Jackson Goldie 64

16. CR7 Em Whell 64

17. C12 Brodie Hollyman 62

18. BB81 Mitchell Wogandt 61

19. BW26 Bre Larsen 50

20. N5 Jacob Waller 46

21. C10 Bodhi Russ 46

22. V48 Linken Paterson 42

23. N18 Sophie Santin 42

24. BB2 Billy Macdonald 40

25. M27 Cooper Flynn 40

26. SB27 Hannah Christensen 37

27. V19 Kiarna Barton 36

28. GL21 Jake Coomber 34

29. RK36 Sophie Montgomerie 34

30. MK27 Jack Menzies 31

31. R23 Brodie Shepherd 30

32. BB25 Abby Smith 28

33. RK4 Braydon Storer 27

34. RK114 Braith Thomas 26

35. SC3 Chloe Lebeter 24

36. C11 Brock Lewis 24

37. BB7 Coen Herwig 22

38. N29 Zac Brims 21

39. N23 Harry Fowler 20

40. R68 Shae Taylor 20

41. RK15 Joshua Hoffman 19

42. BB68 Hamish Derrick 18

43. SC21 Deagan Howard 18

44. R97 Kyle Moretto 16

45. V47 River Paterson 13

46. RK67 Edith Pearce 12

47. MBH7 Jack Simmons 5

48. RK43 Reilly Storer 0

49. C44 Sam James 0

50. N66 Jackson Brims 0

B Main One, 10 Laps- 1. C10 Bodhi Russ, 2. BW26 Bre Larsen, 3. GL21 Jake Coomber, 4. SB27 Hannah Christensen, 5. R97 Kyle Moretto, 6. N18 Sophie Santin, DNF R23 Brodie Shepherd (4), C11 Brock Lewis (4), RK15 Joshua Hoffman (2), RK114 Braith Thomas (1)

B Main Two, 10 Laps- 1. N5 Jacob Waller, 2. V48 Linken Paterson, 3. V19 Kiarna Barton, 4. M27 Cooper Flynn, 5. SC3 Chloe Lebeter, 6. N23 Harry Fowler, 7. MK27 Jack Menzies, 8. BB25 Abby Smith, 9. BB7 Coen Herwig (9), 10. SC21 Deagen Howard (9), 11. RK67 Edith Pearce (6)

A Main, 25 Laps- 1. G65 Aidan Rigby, 2. M32 Kaine Richters, 3. N17 Jaiden Santin, 4. M7 Jayden Hancock, 5. G27 Joshua Rigby, 6. G8 Braydon Steffens, 7. ACT55 Jack Murphy, 8. BB11 Kurtis Peall, 9. N5 Jacob Waller, 10. N25 Jackson Goldie, 11. V48 Linken Paterson, 12. BB17 AJ Macdonald, 13. C12 Brodie Hollyman, 14. BB81 Mitchell Wogandt, 15. M17 Cooper Reid, 16. CR12 Bailey Payne, 17. SB33 Josh Ciesiolka, 18. CR7 Em Whell (24), 19. BW26 Bre Larsen (24), DNF GL21 Jake Coomber (14), V85 Rhys Meakins (3), B19 JJ Hamilton (3), V19 Kiarna Barton (3), C10 Bodhi Russ (2)