by | Feb 23, 2023 | SSA Street Stocks

Official Release- Wednesday 23rd February 2023

Speedway Sedans Australia have finalised the entry list for the 2023 SSA Inc National Street Stock Title presented by East Pilbara Tyre Service to be held at the Bunbury Speedway in Western Australia from March 3-5.

In what will be the 32nd edition of the event, one hundred and twenty three entries have been received from around Australia, with the host state boasting an incredible one hundred and one entries.

Eleven Victorian competitors along with seven from South Australia, three from the Northern Territory and lone Queenslander Peter Thompson are making the long haul to the West to be apart of the first National Title for the class in Western Australia since 2015.

This years event will be the third biggest field ever seen for the SSA National Street Stock Title following on from Ballarat in 2016 (137) & Mildura in 2019 (131).

Six time and reigning National Champion Anthony Beare from Mount Gambier in South Australia heads the line up and is joined in the field by former two time winners Mick Hamon (Murray Bridge 2008 & Darwin 2012) and Jamie Oldfield (Bunbury 2005 & Ellenbrook 2010).

Oldfield’s win in 2005 was highlighted by the remarkable fact that his brothers Jason and Warren filled the poduim with him on that particular evening, with Warren in the field this year.

Victorian Mick Dann has finished on the poduim in the National Street Stock Title on six occasions including four runner up finishes, with former placegetters Steve Gartner, Lenny Bates, Damien Amato and current Victorian Champion Matt Nelson all entered.

Nelson is joined by three other state champions which includes the Northern Territory Champion Justin Brumfield, South Australian Champion Bailey Heinrich and Western Australian Champion Damon Lyall.

It promises to be an exciting two nights of competiton with Official Practice scheduled for the Friday afternoon.

Every lap will be streamed live across the weekend courtesy of Speedway Sedans Australia’s streaming partner Clay Per View.

Official Nominations for the 2023 SSA Inc National Street Stock Title presented by East Pilbara Tyre Service


W0 Jamie Oldfield

WA0 Gaje Price

W00 Hamish Macalpine

W2 Shane Whild

WA2 Marty Kelly

W3 Trent Lyall

WA3 Gavin Minty

V4 Morris Ahearn

W4 Dylan Williams

WA4 Ethan Genev

WB4 Matt Hammond

WC4 Dylan Curley

NT5 Justin Brumfield

S5 Sam Brumfield

W6 Hayden Norman

WA6 Brinley McGaffin

W7 Josh Martinelli

WA7 Michael Hamon

WB7 Josh Aspinall

W9 Lee Watt

WA9 Kayne Dellar

W10 Damon Thomson

WA10 David Fall

W11 Matthew Iwanow

WA11 Alex Williams

V12 Ellen Vagg

W12 Gary Blee

WA12 Ryan Penfold

WB12 Paul Briggs

WC12 Kade Helms

W14 Lance Beaver

NT15 Jack Yates

V15 Ricky Cornwall

W15 Wayne Thomson

W16 Colin Metcalfe

WA16 Jack Barnewall

WB16 Clint Hadley

W17 Aaron Sutton

W18 Daniel Stanley

W19 Steve Rodley

WA19 Josh Stewart

WB19 Stevie O’Dowd

WC19 David Linthorne

W20 Clinton Waldron

WA20 Luke Cutmore

W21 Evan Wakefield

V22 Matthew Brooks

V23 Mick Dann

W23 Dylan Parkes

WA23 Matt Lowe

WB23 Steve Griffiths

WC23 Jamie Simmonds

W24 Tim Matthews

WA24 James Lawton

WB24 Jake Williams

W25 Brad Roberts

W26 David Padmore

WA26 Brendan Fagan

WB26 Ashton McClintock

W27 Damon Lyall

W29 Jake Hoath

W31 Shane McKenzie

WA31 Cody Avins

WB31 Tristan Stroet

S32 Steve Gartner

W35 Craig Clayton

W36 Joe Wilson

W39 Zane Humphrys

W40 Andrew Norton

W42 Aaron Crawford

W44 Peter Herbert

WA44 Tim Pratt

S46 Anthony Beare (A1)

W47 Curtis Harris

V48 Ricky Ahearn

W51 Justin Melhuish

W52 Shay Roberts

V55 AJ Lawrence

W55 Jace Kempton

W56 Ethan Cooper

W57 Wayne Fairbrass

V61 Matt Nelson

V62 Jayden Blomeley

W65 Chris Williams

W66 Ben Norman

W68 Justin Hurst

W69 Tyron Hall

WA69 Paul Joss

W71 Scott Hunter

S72 Kye Richardson

W72 Russell Gunn

W73 Ray Clifton

W74 Lenny Bates

W81 Damien Amato

WA81 Peter Walker

V82 Shane Roycroft

W82 Dale Roberts

W83 Stefani Ameduri

V84 Bradley Dickson

W84 Brooke Oldfield

W85 Warren Oldfield

W86 Bradley Oldfield

S86 Bailey Heinrich

W88 Peter Dowie

W91 Brett South

WA91 Dale Cockman

NT92 Lucas Fry

W94 Robert Dunbar

W95 Lachie Dellar

Q99 Peter Thompson

W99 Kryan Bridges

WA99 James Hunt

W100 Linton Dickerson

W104 Donna Vanzetti

W109 Brendan Vanzetti

W110 Clayton Blee

S112 Drew Flatman

W118 Jack Favero

S132 Andy Maxwell Jnr

W136 Jody Waghorn

W175 Jim McGorman

W411 Reece Jones

W616 Jamie Goodwin