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Queensland’s Matt Pascoe has become the SSA National Super Sedan Champion for the fourth time this evening at the Gulf Western & Independent Oils Raceway in Latrobe Tasmania.

Pascoe put together a fine forty laps after starting on the outside of the front row for the main event aboard his Ian Boettcher Race Parts Q1 Sweet.

A fantastic crowd and picturesque weather conditions greeted competitors for the final night of the 2022 SSA National Super Sedan Title.

One more round of heat racing was to be conducted on night two with 2011 National Champion Steve Jordan leading all the way in heat thirteen as he defeated Mick Nicola Jr & Queensland’s Michael Hally.

Matt Pascoe lead the early laps of heat fourteen after starting from pole position before the yellow lights came on for the spun Tim Johnson in the T29.

Pascoe took the thirty six points with Rockhampton’s Matt Williams advancing from the fourth row to take second place to guarantee himself pole position for the main event.

Local Tasmanian Corey Smith rocketed himself up the point standings to claim victory in heat fifteen with a great battle for the minor placings between Robert Bird, Callum Harper & Wayne Dillon.

Just six cars would contested the final heat race of the weekend as Luke Gunn capped off a great debut in the National Super Sedan Title to hold off defending champion Darren Kane over the ten laps.

Matt Williams would be alone at the top of the point standings after the heat racing was completed with 115 points in the Q3 qualifying from pole position for the main event.

Twelve cars would battle over the final six transfer positions in the fifteen lap B Main to make the up the final three rows for the National final.

Wayne Dillon survived the stoppages over the course of the race to claim victory with fellow locals Robert Bird, Laura Davidson, Lucas Dillon, Dwaine Sonners & Queensland’s Michael Hally advancing through to the main event.

Twenty Two cars would face the green for the forty lap final to decide the 2022 SSA National Super Sedan Title as Queenslander’s Matt Williams and Matt Pascoe shared the front row.

Pascoe would get the jump on Williams to lead the early laps aboard his Sweet chassis.Callum Harper held down third place from Mick Nicola Jr and Corey Smith as the Super Sedans thundered around the Latrobe venue.

The leader was soon in lap traffic allowing Williams to close in on Pascoe with the two making wheel to wheel contact spinning to the infield on lap ten.

Both drivers would restart in their original position in the field after the stoppage with officials deeming it a racing incident.

Pascoe would control the race from that point as he held a slight advantage over Williams with Harper a distant third.

The leader would suffer a few nervous moments as he navigated the lap traffic as Williams stalked the back bumper of the Queensland & Tasmanian Champion.

Leigh Williams out of Blackwater in Queensland would spin on the exit of turn four on lap twenty three causing another stoppage as the leaders bunched up once more.

Pascoe lead the field away for the final seventeen laps that went to the chequered flag without a stoppage as Williams and Harper tried to make their move in the concluding stages.

The driver from Ipswich in Queensland would hold on to win his fourth National Super Sedan Title leading home Matt Williams by 0.171 of a second with Callum Harper officially third.

Mick Nicola Jr was fourth for the second time in two years with Tasmanian Corey Smith rounding out the top five in his T6 Insane Chassis.

Eight Time Tasmanian Champion David Nichols would be sixth from Steve Jordan who would be the final finishers on the lead lap.

The new National Champion Matt Pascoe thanked his crew & family for all their support to make his campaign in Tasmania this January possible along with all his sponsors.

Matt Pascoe becomes just the third driver in the fifty history of the SSA National Super Sedan Title to have won on four seperate occasions.

The 2023 SSA National Super Sedan Title will be held at the Gympie Speedway in Queensland with a date for the event to be announced in the coming weeks.

Official Results of Night Two of the 2022 SSA National Super Sedan TitleHeat Thirteen, Ten Laps- 1. Q10 Steve Jordan, 2. V23 Mick Nicola Jr, 3. Q98 Michael Hally, 4. T8 Steve Latham, 5. T28 Andrew Russell, 6. V3 Mick Nicola Sr, 7. T4 Marcus Alexander, 8. T61 Laura Davidson, 9. T47 Lucas Dillon, Quick Time Q10 Steve Jordan 14.466.

Heat Fourteen, Ten Laps- 1. Q1 Matt Pascoe, 2. Q3 Matt Williams, 3. V34 Jamie Collins, 4. N23 Andrew White, 5. T10 Andrew Poke, 6. T75 Brendan Flynn, 7. T29 Tim Johnson, Quick Time Q1 Matt Pascoe 14.044.

Heat Fifteen, Ten Laps- 1. T6 Corey Smith, 2. T71 Robert Bird, 3. T22 Callum Harper, 4. T48 Wayne Dillon, 5. Q18 Brad Pascoe, 6. Q28 Zac Pascoe, 7. T7 Nathan Howells, DNS N21 Darren Anning, Quick Time T6 Corey Smith 14.363.

Heat Sixteen, Ten Laps- 1. T12 Luke Gunn, 2. T14 Darren Kane, 3. Q4 Leigh Williams, 4. T3 David Nichols, 5. T18 Dwaine Sonners, 6. T49 Aaron Dillon, DNS T26 Peter Johnston, Quick Time T12 Luke Gunn 15.121 T14 Darren Kane.

Final Points for the 2022 SSA National Super Sedan Title

1. Q3 Matt Williams 115

2. Q1 Matt Pascoe 112

3. T22 Callum Harper 105

4. V23 Mick Nicola Jr 102

5. T6 Corey Smith 100

6. T3 David Nichols 98

7. V3 Mick Nicola Sr 97

8. Q10 Steve Jordan 94

9. T14 Darren Kane 94

10. T12 Luke Gunn 90

11. V34 Jamie Collins 89

12. T8 Steve Latham 87

13. Q4 Leigh Williams 87

14. Q28 Zac Pascoe 82

15. Q18 Brad Pascoe 82

16. N23 Andrew White 82

17. T71 Robert Bird 79

18. T48 Wayne Dillon 66

19. T61 Laura Davidson 65

20. T4 Marcus Alexander 60

21. T7 Nathan Howells 59

22. T28 Andrew Russell 53

23. Q98 Michael Hally 45

24. T47 Lucas Dillon 38

25. T49 Aaron Dillon 36

26. T10 Andrew Poke 33

27. T75 Brendan Flynn 32

28. T29 Tim Johnson 23

29. T18 Dwaine Sonners 23

30. T38 Jayden Triffett 8

31. N21 Darren Anning 5

32. T26 Peter Johnston 0

B Main, 15 Laps- 1. T48 Wayne Dillon, 2. T71 Robert Bird, 3. T61 Laura Davidson, 4. Q98 Michael Hally, 5. T47 Lucas Dillon, 6. T18 Dwaine Sonners, 7. T7 Nathan Howells (14), 8. T10 Andrew Poke (14), 9. T49 Aaron Dillon (14), 10. T75 Brendan Flynn (14), DNF T28 Andy Russell (7), T3 Marcus Alexander (7), Quick Time T48 Wayne Dillon 14.997.

A Main, 40 Laps- Q1 Matt Pascoe, 2. Q3 Matt Williams, 3. T22 Callum Harper, 4. V23 Mick Nicola Jr, 5. T6 Corey Smith, 6. T3 David Nichols, 7. Q10 Steve Jordan, 8. T8 Steve Latham (39), 9. V34 Jamie Collins (39), 10. Mick Nicola Sr (39), 11. T14 Darren Kane (39), 12. N23 Andrew White (39), 13. T48 Wayne Dillon (39), 14. Q28 Zac Pascoe (39), 15. T71 Robert Bird (39), 16. Q98 Michael Hally (38), 17. Q18 Brad Pascoe (38), 18. T61 Laura Davidson (38), 19. T12 Luke Gunn (38), 20. T47 Lucas Dillon (37), 21. T18 Dwaine Sonners (36), DNF Q4 Leigh Williams (23) Quick Time Q1 Matt Pascoe 15.041.

2022 SSA National Super Sedan Title Poduim, Left to Right- 4th Mick Nicola Jr, 2nd Matt Williams, 1st Matt Pascoe, 3rd Callum Harper, 5th Corey Smith.