by | Jan 15, 2022 | QLD, SSA Modified Sedans

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For the second time in three years, the Cooroy Auto Wreckers Ford Falcon of Aidan Raymont has rolled into victory lane at the Pro1 Race Parts T-Bar Nationals for SSA Modified Sedans at the Hi-Tec Oils Toowoomba Speedway in Queensland.

Raymont hit the lead with seven laps remaining in the thirty five lap main event on Saturday Night, taking the lead from Victorian Brock Atkins with Toowoomba local Rodney Pammenter driving a brilliant race to finish third.

Each competitor contested two more heat races on the final night with Tasmanian Wade Cleary collecting the win in heat nine of the weekend holding off Wayne Gilroy as the Ford Cortina’s of Jason Beer & Adam Jorgensen came together coming to the finish.

2011 National Champion Max Clarke tried everything in heat ten to get the better of another Tasmanian Jakobe Jetson but the Adam Holt Industries Ford Falcon was equal to the challenge.

The Nissan 300ZX of Chris Evans collected the thirty six points in heat eleven with an epic battle for the minor placings happening behind the Cush Clothing Co. backed entry.

Mick Shelford would unfortunately climb the wall on the final lap in his Pro1 Race Parts Holden Commodore after contact with another car caused heavy damage to the front end causing major repairs to be undertaken prior to his next heat race.

Aidan Raymont charged through the field in heat twelve to collect the win ahead of the Mazda RX-7 of Cameron Taylor.

The CR111 Ford Falcon of Peter White had a major crash in heat thirteen which was the first heat of the final round.

Victorian Brock Atkins took out a solid win from Mark Raymont & Hayden Stephensen.
National Champion Kye Walters bounced back from a non finish in his opening heat on night two to take out heat fourteen comfortably, with Nathan Macdonald running down Todd Atkins in heat fifteen for the win.

Aidan Raymont did enough in the final heat race of the weekend in heat sixteen to claim victory from Darran Lester & Shane Macdonald.

The first of the two B mains witnessed a great battle between Tasmanian Jakobe Jetson, Brisbane’s Darran Lester & Tim Atkin in the Smith Racing 23 Ford Falcon.

Lester got the win narrowly from Atkin, Jetson, Brenton Scott, Mick Langton & Corey Jetson also from Tasmania transferring through into the main event.

Townsville’s Adam Jorgensen used the top side of the racetrack to perfection in B Main Two to take victory from Toowoomba local Nathan Macdonald who ran side by side with Jorgensen for many laps.

The Mazda RX-7 of Cameron Taylor came through the field to finish right on the tail of both Jorgensen & Macdonald.

Shane Langton, Tasmanian Wade Cleary & Myles Gilroy were the remaining cars to also qualify into the thirty five lap decider.

The top twelve point scorers contested the pole shuffle with four cars on track at any one time leading to some exciting action.

Aidan Raymont collected the $500 on offer for claiming pole position.

Raymont & Brock Atkins would share the front row for the thirty five lap, twenty four car A Main for the 2022 Pro1 Race Parts T-Bar Nationals.

Atkins got the jump over Raymont and lead the early laps getting out to a small gap as Rodney Pammenter began his march forward.

The first stoppage occurred on lap seven as Mark Raymont spun out of position six.
Brock Atkins continued to lead from Raymont, Todd Atkins, Shane Macdonald & Pammenter.

Pammenter was fourth by lap eight and then moved into third with twenty five laps remaining of the Hi-Tec Oils Toowoomba Speedway.

The battle for the minor placings continued in earnest as Atkins maintained the slightest advantage over Raymont who was stalking the Club 36 Innovations Ford Falcon in front of him.

Myles Gilroy brought on the yellow lights again on lap eighteen with steam bellowing from the radiator of his Holden Commodore.

Raymont continued his pursuit of the race lead as the leaders were soon lapping traffic as the laps slowly would down.

The 2013 National Champion levelled up with Atkins on the back straight with six laps remaining hitting the lead before Nathan Macdonald suffered a major engine failure causing a lengthy delay.

Queensland Champion Mick Shelford was caught up in the Macdonald incident as Todd Atkins headed infield during the stoppage ending his race after sitting in fourth place.

The Cooroy Auto Wreckers Ford Falcon of Aidan Raymont negotiated the final laps of the race to lead Brock Atkins home by 0.726 of a second with Pammenter a gallant third.

Kye Walters rolled the bottom of the racetrack nicely to finish fourth after starting from position eight with Shane Macdonald rounding out the top five.

Many competitors will spend the coming days getting their cars turned around for next weekend’s record setting tenth annual Kings Royal to be held at the Kingaroy Speedway.

Official Results of Night Two of the 2022 Pro1 Race Parts T-Bar Nationals

Heat Nine, Ten Laps- 1. T8 Wade Cleary, 2. MK19 Wayne Gilroy, 3. CR93 Jason Beer, 4. T25 Adam Jorgensen, 5. CN6 Steve Manly, 6. CR30 Leonie Knight, 7. CR68 Nic Moncrieff (9), 8. SC55 Steve Blackburn (9), DNF A1 Kye Walters (6), B59 Darran Lester (4), V62 Kasey Garlick (3), Quick Time A1 Kye Walters 16.207.

Heat Ten, Ten Laps- 1. T7 Jakobe Jetson, 2. N81 Max Clarke, 3. RK42 Brenton Scott, 4. V0 Brock Atkins, 5. G27 Mark Raymont, 6. CR24 David Head, 7. T28 Hayden Stephensen, 8. RK71 Kev Young, 9. G5 Brett Baxter, 10. V94 Rachel Pratt, 11. B12 Jake Hawkins, 12. CN6 Scott Vella, Quick Time N81 Max Clarke 16.196.

Heat Eleven, Ten Laps- 1. CR66 Chris Evans, 2. SC23 Tim Atkin, 3. V36 Todd Atkins, 4. Q1 Mick Shelford, 5. CR32 Nathan Macdonald, 6. CR72 Shane Langton, 7. CR8 Rodney Pammenter, 8. CR77 Mick Langton, DNF MK56 Darren Severs (6), Quick Time CR66 Chris Evans 16.370.

Heat Twelve, Ten Laps- 1. G28 Aidan Raymont, 2. CR14 Cameron Taylor, 3. N36 David Jacobi, 4. CR27 Shane Macdonald, 5. CR111 Peter White, 6. CR99 Jordan Cunningham, 7. MK75 Myles Gilroy, 8. T6 Corey Jetson, 9. SC22 Shannon Blackburn, Quick Time G28 Aidan Raymont 16.096.

Heat Thirteen, Ten Laps- 1. V0 Brock Atkins, 2. G27 Mark Raymont, 3. T28 Hayden Stephensen, 4. SC23 Tim Atkin, 5. CR8 Rodney Pammenter, 6. B12 Jake Hawkins, DNF T8 Wade Cleary (6), CR111 Peter White (2), CR99 Jordan Cunningham (2), CR30 Leonie Knight (0). Quick Time V0 Brock Atkins 16.160.

Heat Fourteen, Ten Laps- 1. A1 Kye Walters, 2. Q1 Mick Shelford, 3. N81 Max Clarke, 4. T6 Corey Jetson, 5. T25 Adam Jorgensen, 6. RK42 Brenton Scott, 7. G5 Brett Baxter, 8. MK75 Myles Gilroy, 9. V94 Rachel Pratt, 10. SC55 Steve Blackburn, 11. CN8 Scott Vella, 12. N36 David Jacobi, Quick Time A1 Kye Walters 16.341.

Heat Fifteen, Ten Laps- 1. CR32 Nathan Macdonald, 2. V36 Todd Atkins, 3. CR66 Chris Evans, 4. CR77 Mick Langton, 5. MK56 Darren Severs, 6. SC22 Shannon Blackburn, Quick Time CR32 Nathan Macdonald 16.376.

Heat Sixteen, Ten Laps- 1. G28 Aidan Raymont, 2. B59 Darran Lester, 3. CR27 Shane Macdonald, 4. CR24 David Head, 5. CR14 Cameron Taylor, 6. CR72 Shane Langton, 7. RK71 Kev Young, DQ CN6 Steve Manly (2), Quick Time G28 Aidan Raymont 16.135.

B Main One, 15 Laps- 1. B59 Darran Lester, 2. SC23 Tim Atkin, 3. T7 Jakobe Jetson, 4. RK42 Brenton Scott, 5. CR77 Mick Langton, 6. T6 Corey Jetson, 7. V94 Rachel Pratt, 8. RK71 Kev Young, 9. CN8 Scott Vella, 10. CN6 Steve Manly, DNF N36 David Jacobi (6), CR24 David Head (2), Quick Time SC23 Tim Atkin 16.066.

B Main Two, 15 Laps- 1. T25 Adam Jorgensen, 2. CR32 Nathan Macdonald, 3. CR14 Cameron Taylor, 4. CR72 Shane Langton, 5. T8 Wade Cleary, 6. MK75 Myles Gilroy, 7. MK56 Darren Severs, 8. SC22 Shannon Blackburn, 9. SC55 Steve Blackburn, 10. G5 Brett Baxter, 11. B12 Jake Hawkins, Quick Time CR14 Cameron Taylor 16.077.

A Main, 35 Laps- 1. G28 Aidan Raymont, 2. V0 Brock Atkins, 3. CR8 Rodney Pammenter, 4. A1 Kye Walters, 5. CR27 Shane Macdonald, 6. T28 Hayden Stephensen, 7. CR66 Chris Evans, 8. RK42 Brenton Scott, 9. MK19 Wayne Gilroy, 10. T7 Jakobe Jetson, 11. T6 Corey Jetson, 12. T8 Wade Cleary, 13. B59 Darran Lester (34), CR77 Mick Langton (34), 15. G27 Mark Raymont (33), 16. SC23 Tim Atkin (33), DNF N81 Max Clarke (31), CR32 Nathan Macdonald (29), Q1 Mick Shelford (29), CR72 Shane Langton (29), MK75 Myles Gilroy (17), CR14 Cameron Taylor (12), T25 Adam Jorgensen (0). Quick Time G28 Aidan Raymont 15.693.